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Just seems like they (Game Studios) create one good version of a game, then just resell the IP over and over, cheaping it to just sell it fast (all those details take time to program/create, etc) so they can get to the next one and rinse and repeat. Like First or 2nd game is Prime Rib, then your lucky to get hamburger meat after that.

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I might get Farcry 2 now to shoot at some bushes. I only played the 3rd one because I liked the jungle environment. The destruction simulation in games now is dissapointing. Red Faction: Guerilla did it the best and that's almost 10 years old. Wtf aaa games, where is the creativity and effort? Nothing but cash grabs now.

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Agreed. My impression, as a casual try hard and fan of AI, is that in games technological progression has slowed inversely with sociological progression, or some such gobbledygook. Look at the AI director in Left for dead, or the emergent behavior in half life, or F.E.A.R.? Game devs have gotten lazy--- in all aspects and the games have suffered for it.

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This guy is worth supporting IMO. Hence the regular link.