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They did cast doomguy as a women? Are they fucking nuts?

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It's not like we didn't have Tombraider and shit. If you want to have a female protagonist, make a new god damn character. DoomGUY has always been a guy and needs to stay a guy

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This! Why the fuck can't everyone understand this simple Concept?

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It needs to be a woman, don't you understand?! We are not creative. We take your shit, and if you complain, you are a FUCKING WHITE MALE.

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Metroid is a thing and they could easily make a film with a hot woman in it.

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Read this to my vidya loving wife, to see what she thought. First thing she says, "Don't they know it's Doomguy!? She's cracking herself up now, says now they'll make a game with Lara as a tranny whose dilating didlo got stolen by diasbled pygmies. Hormones for pickups and a Russian robot as the end boss fight in a city where they worshipped the vagina god.

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This is the latest franchise to get feminized. They will stop at NOTHING. Whoever is paying them to do this must be offering more than their inevitable box office loss.

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Isn't everything from Hollywood paid propaganda anyway that may or may not make a profit, who cares?

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They could have just picked up Alien or Metroid. What Jew fags they are.

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Of course it's a cis, white woman. They should have put a muslim, gay, midget transwoman in a wheelchair. They are literally Hitler.

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And the midget should be gluten intolerant.

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Should also hate guns but be willing to use them against the other humans for being intolerance of the demon refugees

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Just another movie no one will watch.

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I read more about reddit here on voat than anywhere else on the Internet. Reddit is not important, and any one still using the site is an idiot and a tool.

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There's a lot of people like me who are bitter because Reddit didn't used to be this way. It also serves as a reminder to never let a site like that trick us again. There's a library of Alexandria equivalent of unique useful information on Reddit and it's all being destroyed by these book burning psychopaths taking up the mod slots.

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There's a lot of people like me who are bitter because Reddit didn't used to be this way.

Stop right there. I don't care about your feelings or about Reddit. Share your emotional issues with rEddIt somewhere else. You know what it is now, and it will never change so stop making Voat into your rEddit cry closet.

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There's a library of Alexandria equivalent of unique useful information on Reddit

Let's not lose our minds. Project Gutenberg it isn't.

it's all being destroyed by these book burning psychopaths taking up the mod slots.

Copy, paste, save, block, repeat ad infinitum.

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Agreed- with wanting to make money, they put bumper rails up and killed what made Reddit good. Rip. Victoria’s username

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My bet is on reddit shills. Shills are everywhere these days. Even on obscure porn sites.

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its literally the 3rd most traffic heavy site in the states..

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Because idiots do it, doesn't mean it should be advertised here. If you need to see what's happening there, go there.

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Female doomguy?

Fuck that and fuck the (((people))) behind it.

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Then don't ever buy Bethesda

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I sincerely doubt the game studio has anything to do with general direction of the movie. They usually do not.

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Wow. Doom has one character and now it has to be a woman bc reasons. Jesus Christ be praised.

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I don't get it. For propaganda to be effective, people have to like it.

It has to be funny or compelling in some way.

a movie about doom isn't really compelling in the first place, and pretending that a 90lb woman is somehow capable of 'kicking ass' isn't compelling either. It's ridiculous.

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This isn't their traditional "grrrl power, rah rah!" propaganda. It's not meant to be liked. It's meant to send a message that "You are backwards and on the wrong side of history. We will systematically destroy everything you love, and there's nothing you can do about it, because reasons. Now either get onboard, or be labelled a bigot!"

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the problem is that they have massively overreached, and the next generation is going to flush this garbage like yesterdays turd.

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Wrong, it just has to be perceived frequently enough, and at the expense of alternative information. Propaganda has never required being liked at first, and it often hasn't been. It's about dominating the information channels and the sphere of what people perceive is "out there". It's a relatively slow process of indoctrination, where they are slowly re-writing your brain's software based on what you are seeing more and more frequently.

Because that isn't happening in isolation. It's happening with a lot of other concurrent associations being made simultaneously. You are also making the connections (whether you are consicous of them or not) that other, perhaps large, segments of your population (peer group) are accepting the information, or at least not actively refusing it. And it gains the authority/sponsorship of entities you assign importance to: large companies, public figures, celebrities, etc.

Put it all together and even most adamant people are effected by propaganda to some extent over time. You've probably even seen it in yourself. Little concessions you've made here and there. Still giving your viewership to things that promote the propaganda. Agreeing to play a game that 10 years ago you wouldn't have touched. Staying fans of famous personalities who are actively pushing the propaganda. The tribal instinct to preserve the group is powerful. Just because you act angry during the propaganda presentation, the fact you are THERE and PERCEIVING it, along with others in your group, is sufficient. That's having an effect that will only be felt over time, not immediately (the slippery slope). That is the nature of propaganda, and why it has been considered so dangerous and reprehensible.

At some point, after enough exposure you won't even have the immediate stress/alarm reaction to it anymore, because your primal brain will no longer consider it a threat. That breeds acceptance. And then routine. Eventually, trying to disagree with the propaganda, or change something that the propaganda has instantiated....THAT will become the change. Remember, groups don't like change and resist it. So your resistance to the propaganda eventually becomes the threat. And then you know it has worked. It's very similar to how the Overton Window for acceptance works. (30 years ago: "We can't possibly show lesbian sex on a prime time television slot!" Today: "What, you're upset about lesbian sex on prime time TV, you're just afraid of it bigot!")

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For propaganda to be effective, people have to like it.

This isn't true, constant exposure to propaganda changes the way the mind thinks by route of conditioning. Some people are also more prone to reprogramming than others, and children growing up with the propaganda take it as normal. There's a reason the Soviets always focused on the school systems, when the mind is developing it's a sponge, and it absorbs whatever's around it, no matter how fucked up it is. It's most of the reason why single parent homes are the #2 determinant of success or failure next to race.

Also creating an environment where peoples' sensibilities are threatened also causes divisions among the populace where they will fight each other rather than the people in charge, it misdirects anger to shield the ultimate causes of the discontent.

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90lb woman is somehow capable of 'kicking ass' isn't compelling either.

The foundation of progressive ideology rests on delusion as a form of altering reality. If you can get everyone to pretend that a man is a woman, he becomes a woman.

If you get everyone to believe that 90lb women are able to kick ass, they'll be able to command respect based on physical strength.

Of course, the harder you bend reality, the more it'll come back to hit you over your stupid progressive head in the end. That is the moment transwomen kill themselves and 90lb women get their faces caved in when facing an aggressive drunk dock worker.

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DoomGUY. Can we redo Aliens with a guy?

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that mod is what you call bitchmade

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He writes MLP fanficfion. Not a surprise.

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