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Almost as if Microsoft didn't learn anything from the windows phone.

pcmaster race is the future.

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We need Vulkan to rid ourselves out Microsoft once and for all.

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There are so many Linux games, you barely have to compromise. Even pure Linux is miles better than console now.

We need more people to ditch windows, so more devs make games with day-one Linux support, be the change.


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The way gaming has gone, this might be the first generation of consoles that I'll refuse to buy. Why play SJW games?

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Because you should embrace the age of strong crippled lesbian nazi-hating morbidly obese transsexual jewish wamen of color that need no man, goyim!

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I see it as removing toxicity from the community. Please continue to opt out, thanks.

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Next Generation Of Consoles
is actually slightly changed Xbox One X

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good for them i guess but i wont be going the console route next gen.now that devs and publishers are more exposed to GOG and steam .

might have to save for a new computer with a better robust processor,RAM and video card but other than that ....

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Of course the code name is a girls name. Lame.