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As long as the "creation club" is running, Bethesda is running downhill.

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Meh, I like some of the content they put out, such as the Tunnel Snake, Chinese armor, and the free Horse Armor was a full on quest.

For the record I didn't purchase the creation club stuff.

I get that people are mad and I understand why, but those mod creators do get paid for their content.

However, I do not agree with the creation club. I just happen to be given most of the content on there without having to pay.

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The creation club isn't about paying creators. It's about giving Bethesda control over what is created. It's a trial balloon and an excuse to say they "support modding" in their next game whilst having final say over what mods are made and how they're used.

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Fuck gamers are such cucks these days. I remember when games were finished before release instead of asking you to pay before they've even been released and then updating them once they have. I remember when DLC was released for free as the makers of the games did it for the joy of keeping people interested in their work. Hell I remember when it was not only free to play online but when you could make your own public server that anyone could play on or even password protect or hide the listing so only your friends could play with you.

All this centralization, asking for gibs before release, asking to keep the server alive when the game costs $60+ ($100-120 here in Australia the cunts) and selling add ons instead of releasing them for free is fucked. Even worse you cucks whinge but then offer a monthly fee to play a game you've already bought. Do you really think they're going to change when capitalism rules and you're offering them money? The only way it's going to change is if you starve the beast by pirating and modding their shitty money grabbing work to make it the way it should be. Don't get me wrong some devs do deserve support but if you support the current model you've only got yourself to blame for the direction it's taking.

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I come from the time when gaming on a PC was solo and there was no such thing as multiplayer.

What I spend my money on is my choice. If I chose to support the only studio I buy games from now then so be it. I have only ever spent money on micro trans in one game and it was a completely free to play and you could earn everything but I supported the devs because I made money from their previous title, Diablo 2, and the game is Marvel Hereos, the game is now closed. I got my moneys worth for the 5000+ hours I spent playing int from 2013 to 2017. That being said Fallout is my favorite Franchise hands down. It's the only pop figure I own, I think they are stupid but this was a gift. My coffee mug, which I don't drink coffee, is Fallout.

You can say whatever you want about me and my money but I am still going to spend it on this franchise.

If this was Fallout 5 you would have me agreeing with EVERY POINT YOU MADE, but this isn't, this is something different. I wouldn't purchase fallout 5 if there were a store.

Have a nice day.

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It was a given that they would have to make more money on a regular basis to keep the servers running somehow.

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I was hoping the mobile side was gonna pay for it, but pipe dreams it seems.

I would gladly pay 10 bucks a month to avoid a store and have a private session option.

These are things I will bring up in beta.

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Well at least I think you are beginning to agree that this was a poor choice on their part.

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Didn't do VR. It's a gimmick at best. That being said they made an entirely new game around VR so I understand them charging something for it and not giving it away for free. People worked on it and yeah, I think they should be fucking paid for their hard work. Sorry, nothing is free on this earth.

Fallout Shelter, I played it. Never spent a dime and completed my vault. I ended up with alot of the currency that you pay for just from doing the daily quests man. Jesus, if you paid for anything or anyone paid for anything that was people who wanted to speed things up and were impatient. Hell its a mobile fucking game. You play if for 10 minutes between meetings and then set it down. It isn't supposed to be something you play for 5 hours at a time.

I didn't miss the whole creation club, hell I remember the horse armor DLC for Oblivion.

Everything I have paid for in regards to the company has been worth it as my steam account would reflect as the hour spent vs. dollars spent on the combined Bethesda library I have makes it very clear I got the better end of the deal.

Look every company makes mistakes, it happens, it is the ones like EA that I avoid. They have systems in place to exploit people.

No one says you have to play the fallout shelter, nor do you have to buy Fallout VR, nor do you have to buy anything on the creation club to experience the game.

You sound like someone who is bitter because you have to pay for something instead of being handed it for free.

Look you can have your opinions, but don't expect to change my mind. I really enjoy when I trigger people who don't post or comment much at all on this site. Maybe now you will participate in the site more and not sit on your hands. At least I am posting content and trying participate.

You took a post where I said I was WRONG and then berate me further. Dude you can fuck right off. I was man enough to admit I was wrong. You just came here to bitch and moan about the company because you felt you were wronged I guess. Whatever the reason beyond this comment I don't care to discuss this topic with you.

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If this new fallout performs better or as well as fallout 4 it is highly likely that the new elder scrolls will use the same, albeit slightly altered, engine. Hell they even already have the servers running ESO that they can repurpose.

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They redid all the netcode for Fallout 76. They talked about it. They had the ID guys do it. Basically the team that worked on the new Quakes networking.

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I asked for and have been asking since Fallout 1.

Just because you didn't doesn't mean everyone thinks the same as you mate.

It is the most requested feature for fallout.

You need to get a better outlook on things. Very negative nancy without even playing either of those games.

Have a nice day.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=gi8PTAJ2Hjs :

The Making of Fallout 76 - Noclip Documentary - YouTube

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