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If you enjoyed Skyrim and the other recent Fallout games then you can at least halfway enjoy Fallout4 on its own. Then you can factor in the tons of mods you can find/make for it. I never noticed crazy over the top sjw shit but I did not play it hardcore so take that as you will.

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The only thing I really enjoyed about Fallout 4 was the fact that it was a very well made first-person shooter. As a role-playing game, though, it sucked. I hated the decision to go to a voiced protagonist, you couldn't ever actually say no to anything (granted, most Bethesda games don't give you that choice, but it was more obvious with the voiced responses). The possible responses to any "quest-giving" conversation (which is basically every conversation in the game) are "Yeah, sure.", "Yeah, sure.", "Yeah, sure.", and "Well, I'd like to say go fuck yourself, but yeah, sure." (the sarcastic option).

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From all that I've seen FO4 looks like trash. I love Oblivion and Skyrim and really enjoyed FO3 but New Vegas didn't do it for me and everything I've seen of FO4 looks more like something that aimed at pleasing a wide audience rather than just doing it's own thing, if that makes sense.

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Did you like Morrowind?

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It worked.

Its a great game. Apparently its not a great fallout game and im the first to admit its a fucking pain in the arse at times but when you get into a run doing your own thing it was great fun.

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I'd say no, personally.

The voiced protagonist thing severely cut back on the ways you can approach the game. I.E. it killed a lot of the RP in RPG. I didn't care for it at all, and they try to force to you care about things I never really cared about through your character. I found the entire 'lost child' plot that is really the main plot of the game very forced and unappealing. I really missed the greater choices of previous games.

Additionally, the way it handles mods is garbage. Previous Elder Scrolls and Fallout games were all about the mods. But as soon as I installed anything not from their special paid nonsense I got an "achievements disabled" message. That shit pisses me off. I'll never mess with their official mods, so I don't know if they disable things too.

But, it's not a bad game. It's just massively disappointing given its lineage. It's even worse than FO3, IMO. You may still enjoy it, but I'll never endorse it.

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There is a mod to enable achivements with mods.

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I liked it when I played it after it first came out. Before E3 I would have said "yes for $12, definitely". Now after Bethesda's E3 shenanigans, Wolfenstein etc, I'm going to say fuck no, pirate that shit if you want to play it. Don't even let those Marxist cocksuckers at Bethesda get even a cent from you.

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I guess Betheda's shit must have got so overshadowed by EA raping Command and Conquer again that I totally missed it. What'd they fuck up this time?

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Don't get hung up on all the people who are upset because it's not the same game they played when they were 9 and treat it like a game you've never played before and you'll enjoy it. It's not the greatest thing out there but it's not horrible. Also mod it.

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I agree. The only part I really didn't like about it was Nuka Cola world. Even then, it was just more content to add the the game, but there are way more proper "DLC mods" that add more enjoyable content. I really liked the other DLC, far harbor.

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Yes. It's not fantastic, but at $12 you won't find much else that will suck you in at least a little.

On a side note, Tales of Zestiria is also on sale for around $12 right now, if you're looking for a traditional RPG that might be more your style. If you like open world I'd definitely grab Fallout 4 or Witcher 3 though.

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Yes 100%. I picked it up for 30 and am very cynical and im happy with it.

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Get it for PC and mod the damage taken and recieved. Jet slows time and gives a slight speed boost. Face a wall near the corner of a building and you'll peak around the corner when you aim, making gunfights a bit more tactical. It's good for an FPS Fallout game. I personally don't like that Fallout went the FPS route, but I did enjoy it after modding it.

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Not if you're looking for $12 worth of narrative.

If you just wanna fuck shit up and frolic through the insane radioactive landscape with unreasonably large weapons, then yeah. That might be worth $12.

Source: bought full price. Enjoyed until The end of the second act. Swerve sucked, the narrative was ruined, and I said fuck the main quest.

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