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CD Project Red is one of the last major studios to not cave for social justice bullshit. This is pretty much the only game shown at E3 that I am absolutely looking forward to. I really fucking hope they continued their commitment to making a great fucking game while ignoring the perpetually offended.

I'm not going to buy it right off the bat. I'm going to wait for the crybabies to whine about no transgender characters or too many white people.

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Other side of the coin, I expect it to be its most liberal/pozzed. Kind of what happens if you set your game in a futuristic dystopia California, taking the worst from numerous cities. Info about the setting has been leaking, as it was released for the tech demo, and is of course, based on the Cyberpunk 2020 franchise. one, two, three.

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Reading that first page, everyone seems segregated in a world of failed multiculturalism.

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I don't like the cyberpunk genre, I don't like the setting, I probably won't like the gameplay, but as someone quite literally raised on Witcher books, I'll buy Cyberpunk 2077 just for Ciri's cameo, if she's there.

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Really want to find a Ciri cameo buried somewhere in 2077. Dare I even hope... a side quest.

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I will buy this game as soon as it will be released