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cd projekt red from software

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cd projekt red

Let's see if that's still true when Cyberpunk comes out. They've been popular long enough to have been infiltrated and partially converged.

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Perhaps, but they're also a polish developer so I'd expect them to be somewhat more aware then the Canadians and French.

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I hate the Witcher games though. Just can't get into them. I've tried all of them several times. They do look like well made games though.

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I played the Witcher 2 and hated it (I never did the Witcher 1). Then a friend at the time told me to retry it again and give it a chance. After I made it a distance into the game I was hooked.

Try the Witcher 2 and make it to act 2 going the Iorvith (elf rebel) path. You could go the human path, but the elf one is a bit more fun in my opinion. If you make it to act 2, the game gets a whole lot more interesting.

That momentum from playing will lead you to the Witcher 3. Also the combat is hard at first, especially in the prologue mission for some reason. They key is to jump and roll a lot with the sheild spell activated. Also crank down difficulty to easy if you have to.

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witcher 1 has garbage combat. but its atmosphere, dialogs and story are top-tier. I went full sign build so sword mechanics did not bother me. second game has better combat. but little bit clunky so many people hates it. third game is not that good. hearts of stone and blood and wine bosses are great though.

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really, I thought they were great. Haven't finished 3 due to time pressures, but they are super fun and very well made

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Yea, I hated them. I ended up getting stuck in some area where the ONLY option was to dive into this shitty water filled cave and couldn't back out because it was a quest. Had enough health for 1 hit, and there were 3 fast moving fast hitting enemies in the water. Rage quit and never looked back, it wasn't fun enough to restart that shit.

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Japanese studios are usually pretty good, but you have to watch out because a lot of times they will be fucked over by white people shitting all over their game and injecting their own politics into it. Worst cases are Nintendo Treehouse, but they've not been getting localization jobs like they used to.

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Japanese studios are usually pretty good

Nah. FucKonami, Crapcom and Jewtendo are enough of a reason for 3rd nuke. From Software are cunts as well - they've straight up lied about DS2's Dx11, then basically sold Dx11 patch separately. There's also the fact that they're lazy as fuck, and completely removed any and all significant changes in NG+ in DS3. They can go eat a bulging sack of unwashed dicks for all I care.

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We still have Platinum Games though

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Yeah you have to ignore thos pozzed 3 and go for the low key devs. All 3 have been infiltrated by jews from the USA.

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Bohemia and Warhorse studios

Both Czech Republic developers.

The guy who runs Warhorse studios Daniel Vávra is 1000% anti-SJW and wears anti-SJW/PC t-shirts a lot. He straight up refuses to put non-white characters in his game Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Women are also in traditional roles in that game.

Bohemia has refused so far to include women in the Arma series as soldiers even though there have been calls within the community to add them for years. They simply tell people to add them via mods.

Rockstar is also pretty much the same, they don't seem to give a rats ass what people think. and Take Two Interactive seems to leave them alone.

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They've turned GTA Online into pay2win, GTA5 has the worst PC controls since DS1, looks like ass, and they're pretty much jew equivalent in videogame developers. Rockstar? More like R✡.

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plus how is GTA online even fun? it's just some badly scripted GTA with a bunch of other players who fuck you over CONSTANTLY. Annoying mission I barely want to play? Nevermind just beating it, no I have to listen to 4 other players whine, fuck up, whine some more, fuck up again. What a garbage fucking game. I bought 3 games this year, they've all been shit. I'm basically done with gaming now and just put over 2grand into my computer last year. fuck it.

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He asked about Political Correctness.

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East Europe/ Russia are on the brink of a huge gaming boom. I predict in the next decade developers in the region will start outselling most western AAA studios.

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I hope so, because the western crap makes me want to hurl.

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Its looking to be a total loss. Jews infiltrated gaming. Its time to nuke it and start a rebellion and start shoving games down their fucking throats. REVERSE WOLFENSTEIN NOW. Every war game made should be about how Nazi's tried to save the world from SJW jews.

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Video game crash 2.0

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Doom is usually pretty good. Certainly there will be a gay tranny Doom Marine next though with a pink gun.

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Well, I still trust FromSoftware and Capcom. I'm really looking forward to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the Resident Evil 2 remake.

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It's starting to feel like all this catering to groups like LGBT and minorities isn't being done for the sake of being inclusive but to shield their shitty products from criticism by making anyone that doesn't like it look like a bigot. So much easier to call everyone a hater than it is to better oneself to avoid the hate.

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Never thought of it that way. You're probably right.

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Might not be AAA but CS GO is still fun as hell and not many cucks playing it

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