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I haven't played a video game in years now, but the very first publisher who comes out with a game where you can bash queers and burn Jews, I'm buying it no matter the cost. I've saved up quite a few shekels since I no longer actively give my money to Jews or their products.

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Farcry 3 had a gay rapist that you got to put a knife into. Also lots of strung out out, STD infected brownies to mow down. Hell, I’m going to have to fire that up when I get home!

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I loved that game. Probably the last decent game I've played.

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Far Cry 3 was great. Shame what Ubisoft did with the series after some faggot "game journalists" complained.

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Crusader Kings 2 is kinda close to what you want. Some queer tried to seduce my character so I threw him in the dungeons and forgot about him. Imagine my surprise receiving a notification about his escape some 50-odd years later.

Also taking loans from the Jews then kicking them out of the country when its time to pay never gets old.

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Go on...

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The original Watch Dogs is about as close to that as you're going to get.

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I don't know you can burn and bash people in GTA.

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Man this is what the devs of drugwars should have moved on to. You'd think GTA would have encouraged them to pursue similar interests since that game seemed to take their audience.

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The Uncharted games are the most boring shit I have ever played. They play themselves. You basically have to put in the barest minimum of effort and the scripted platforming and "action" sequences does the rest for you. it's perfect for SJWs who like to put in the smallest effort and then act like they're fucking gods of compassion, like fucking Facebook flag filters for profile pics.

No wonder soyboys love Naughty Dog shit.

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Here's a Red Letter Media quasi-review of Uncharted 4, and he gets so bored by the end he plays blind getting directions from his friend and still can't lose.


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I think my PS4 is red pilled. It came with uncharted 4, but I didn’t give a shit and let it sit unplayed for over a year. Then I got bored one day and tried playing it, but my ps4 refused to read the disk. It’s like it knew...

On a side note, remember when soyboys hated naughty dog because the first uncharted game was about 3 white people going down to a tropical island and aerating hundreds of spics? It’s funny how things change.

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I watched some of its epilogue on YouTube; it's among the most mortifyingly cucked content I've ever observed in any medium.

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I played through them(1-3) and at the time of the release they were good enough to get the entertainment part rollin' for me even tho are pretty scripted and straight forward games.

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You don't play uncharted games for gameplay/Challenge. You play them to play an action movie.

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Day without Jewish tricks 0

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It really is trickery. He kept his agenda on the down low until Uncharted 2. After a success like that, the Jew feels more comfortable revealing his power level.

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He was more probably recruited or offered funding. In other words, he sold his soul. No backtracking, good bye Naughty Dog's

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But but but but but guys, Gamergate won back in 2015! /r/KotakuInAction told me that repeatedly!

How is it possible that the game industry has become more SJW converged than at any point in history if Gamergate won? /s

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I won gamergate. I quit gaming.

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You stepped aside while your wife hobby got fucked?

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That's why Resident Evil 5 was good.

Gunning down the diversity.

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This is why I don't buy your games. Notice this wasn't said when they actually had games coming out? There last Uncharted was complete horse shit, the one with the women in it.

I returned it. Don't plan to buy another Naughty Dog game now.

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I refused to even buy that one.

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Well I give more games a chance than I should and once I see they are shit I don't play them. However, I have recently started to just blanket ban studios. I am done with the politics.

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They released a new trailer. The main character kisses a brown chick, then reminisces about killing a bunch of white men.

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The DLC for the first game had her with a nigger dyke. And the chick she kisses has the (((schnoz))). Druckmann might be trying to tell us something about his fetishes.

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I saw that coming from a mile away but figured they’d have the class to leave their gay-teen-interracial spank fantasy out of the game; oops on me!

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It would be hilarious if some serial killer started going after fucks like him.

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Good. Another game company that I'm no longer tempted to do business with.

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Mainstream EVERYTHING is shit. Old and indie are the only options now

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Because Mighty No. 9 saved gaming. Let's also not forget how there are enough old shitty games for people to make a living complaining about them. It's just easier to find good old games, because of the hindsight of other people.

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