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Social justice warrior studios deserve to be bankrupt.

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Stupid. Just fucking stupid. Sony are faggots.

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Sony Gaystation?

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We memed it into reality. Hmmm, meme magic is not always good apparently.

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Writer is non other than (((Druckmann)))

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This cunt is just absolutely seething with a hatred he defends by projecting his evil onto others, making the targets of that hatred seem like the ones in the wrong. This scumbag is the reason people have always utterly despised jews. I hope he dies a slow, painful death after he watches the same happen to his filthy kike family.

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Naughty dog is dead. This game sucks. I'm done with gaming. It's just fuck white people all the time now. The whole e3 was just women killing men. How dare theey divide us like this. Worst e3 ever.

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Bethesda and from software looked good. Look more to asian developers, they don't just make anime crap and alot of it's really good and they don't bow to that sjw crap. The soulsborne series for example is Japanese and is in my opinion the best game series ever made.

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The Last of Us is the single most overrated game of all time. It's a generic survival horror game.

It also has the most obvious SJW agenda I've ever seen. Like 3/4th of the main characters in it are gay. Every single "leader" in the game is a woman.

I wish I could unbuy it, I hate that they got my money for that crap. Naughty Dog is a disgusting company and on my full time boycott list.

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Burn the video game market to the ground and start all over again.

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Please fail game industry. Just go away.

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