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I read the reviews, and I think I'll pass. Pay to win shit.

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I did not read the reviews as I am always up to try something free-to-play, especially when it is related to something I used to play a lot of (Quake Arena). But, it appears you can unlock some things through playing, but it almost looks like the cosmetics can be earned but actual weapons and shit are purchases. If so I will not be playing long.

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I used to play a lot of (Quake Arena)

The open source version, "Open Arena" is free and is so old it'll run on any hardware. We should set up a voat server.

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Nearly everything can be gotten through the loot boxes, even the weapons skins. Some can be purchased with ingame "dust" (the currency that you get from getting duplicates) the others can be gained through the loot boxes. There are items that when you look at them you cant get with dust, but only with the premium currency, they also can drop in the loot boxes (Mainly the vanity items)

Then there are the Lore/Scroll items... which are unlocked by playing/completing scrolls.

The only things that cant be unlocked through the boxes are champions, but a 1 time "Champion's Pack" (Full game unlock) purchase can grant you every single current and future champions.

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You can buy the full game for 20 eur or so with all champions or get the free game and then unlock it all.

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I'll pass. I played quake when it was brand spanking new. I've long past my time for FPS games that are quick paced. They were fun back in the day but I get more enjoyment from a deep story or RPG driven experience.

Thanks for posting this though.

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I find I’m the opposite. As I get older I don’t have the patience or the time to engage in any kind of RPG. I prefer a quick 20 minute session here or there and FPSs fit right in.

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To each their own. As long as your having fun and getting some stress relief I think that is what matters more.

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I agree, I'm not even thirty and I find myself too old for FPS.

I prefer tactical, turn-based, strategic, deep story, or rpg experience.

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Good lad

Update: I installed it and played a few matches. It's fun and the stuff you pay for is mostly cosmetic, though you don't "unlock" other champions from what I've read, you "rent" them for a period and at a pretty high in-game cost it seems but I haven't done it myself yet.

Regardless, most games I play have a few weeks life cycle then I am bored of it and never play it again. If this game makes it past that then it's already given me more than the $30 for an unlock of entertainment and I will have never even paid it. (It is going back up in price after this trial.)

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Thanks for the heads up.

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...And now another Windows-only game is sitting in my steam account, in hopes of Lutris support in the future.

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wow, thx u!

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i will later. thanks for the heads up!

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It's fun until you hear the honking. Fucking clown horn honk every time a bullet hits...

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