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fallout 76 trailers refusal to show any gameplay of any kind, means they DONT WANT US LOOKING AT THAT GAMEPLAY.

what are they hiding. its fucking something isnt it

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During the e3 reveal you see;

  • A +3 cap reward for revenge killing.

  • The player spending caps on, and then building a campfire.

  • A winged monster destroying a player structure of some sort.

So what can we take from this?

  1. Caps rule all.

  2. You spend caps to build.

  3. Creatures and likely people can destroy the things you built.

So why does this matter?

If you spend real money on caps just to build imaginary shit in the game that gets destroyed you will constantly need to spend money to rebuild your things. Also if there is a financial incentive for them to make caps hard to get you damn well know that unapproved mods are considered hacking and now are not allowed. Especially when Bethesda owns the servers and plans to pay for them through kids parents wallets.

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Wait until trolls get hold of the game. They will run around just destroying shit, especially if you can loot anything and get caps so they can destroy more.

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The same shit the FO4 VR trailers were hiding.

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lol. Someone didn't see the Second Gameplay trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxCL6bPTIDA

There is also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-3X04jwJ0U&t

You guys on here jump to so many conclusions....This looks just like reddit's gaming subreddit.

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If you watch the gameplay video they gain no caps when they kill creatures. They only gained caps from killing another player.

It also didn't show how the crafting materials will be gained or how looting will work in an entirely online game as a service that goes away when they stop paying for servers game.

It will by necessity have microtransactions and they will get worse over time as new projects come out.

Either that or a monthly fee or both.

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@Caesarkid1 I was incorrect, Wrong in regards to the Micro Trans. The documentary hit yesterday, I posted it, but just watched it.

They are cosmetic apparently.

They did say they will have free updates for years to come with small updates and larger content updates.

I'll make a post admitting to being wrong about the inclusion of Mico-Trans.

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If you go to bethesda's pre-order page, you can buy a special edition (not the collectors) which give you some guns and power armor. So yea, it will definitely have some micro transactions.

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So many assumptions, speculation and no real facts to back up anything. Good to know. Jumping to conclusions is fun!

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I linked that in another comment in this thread...what is your point with it? I have watched just about everything I can find on the game thus far.

I want to make sure I understand what your trying to convey.