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In order for one to feel angry about the announcement, one would have to somehow still care about Fallout as a franchise.

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It still sucks to see an old friend getting raped like Spielberg and Lucas did to Indiana Jones.

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343 did it to Master Chief too...

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My inner kid just died a bit more...

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Indiana Jones was always jewish. What’s one more rape of European culture when you already had 3?

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Exactly. I've given up on AAA titles.

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I don’t know about you, but when i was playing Fallout 4, I constantly thought “Man I wish there was a bunch of trolls here to nuke all my progress I’ve made”

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After doing a little more thinking, I had an epiphany. If one were to form the strongest raider alliance it would in all likelihood find a place in fallout lore in further installments.

Edit: upon even further thought I circled back onto my original idea that there will be little to no lore and therefore the original epiphany is rootless.

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You don't have to lose all hope right away. Look at how CCP treats the emergent behavior in EVE, they live for that shit. And as long as you pizza cutters can keep from goose stepping all over the damn place, I would love the chance to form a Voat based clan to gun down some screeching Reditards like I'm the second coming of Dylan Klebold.

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"there's raiders about"

"yeah? what else is new. like i give a fuck who they work for"

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I think bethesda call those 'developers'

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When I pirated F4, I constantly thought, “Man I wish there was actually something engaging to do and that the game didn’t look like absolute fucking shit. Even if all I could do was troll other people by nuking them.”

So my ship has come in, except I won’t be paying for this shit. Guess I’ll have to nuke myself in single player.

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Everything I ever wanted in a Fallout. Can't wait to download that baby and login for the first time.

(Downloading 13.6 GB patch)

Well fuck. Guess I'll be playing later tonight rather than now.

6 hours later... Done! Let's hit the wasteland!

(Unable to connect to server)

God damnit! Maybe tomorrow.

The next day... Here we go, hope the server is up. YES, login successful. Time to make my character. Holy fuck these characters are ugly. Why is there no option for white skin or blond hair? Oh well, almost done making my guy....

(connection to server has been lost) Exit to main menu. FUCK! Spend all that time making another character, finally get into the game. Play through boring as fuck tutorial/introduction. LOL, MUH DIVERSITY. RESPEC WAMEN

Get immediately griefed by players who were actually able to connect right away on launch day and haven't stopped playing since.

(connection to server lost) Maybe some progress too.

Rage quit. Initiate Steam refund. FUUUUUUUUUCK, game had been running longer than the 2 hour usual refund limit on playtime.

Feel like Bourdaining in my bathrobe.

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Please drink verification can.

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Finally online... Why are there 20 guys in a circle just dancing?

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This was hilariously accurate sounding. Are you a time traveller?

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Nope. No thanks. Fuck online only. Skipped the last fallout Ill skip this one too.

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I bet if someone made a "killing Todd" mod for fallout NV they could turn a profit.

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Just reskin Benny and you already have options built into the game, I suggest joining the legion

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If this does not flop then it will be the trend and it will replace/be fallout 5. It's all about money.

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I also think GTAV was a test-run for that shit. There's so many little kids who will buy it the rest of the gaming world will suffer for it.

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yes it is replacing it. Lets look at elder scrolls

  • 1 1994
  • 2 1996 (2 years)
  • 3 2002 (6 years)
  • 4 2006 (4 years)
  • 5 2011 (5 years)
  • online 2014 (3 years)
  • 6 is there any talk or a release date for the new single player game? (4 years since the online but if they don't count we are at 7 years)

Yes they will put a hold on the next in the series, and yes they will delay further to not compete with themselves.

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No release date but TES6 was just announced yesterday.

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GTA V: a very good game, because the good story matches the cool cars, weapons etc.

GTA Online: go out on the street and some faggot bombs you from above immediately. Stupid, idiotic, pointless, no suspension of belief multiplayer competitions like driving through tubes in the air or trying to find each other in the dark with shotguns.

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good story

Thinking emoticon.png

[–] szopjal_lovat 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

The rural psycho was really cool. The married guy with the midlife crisis kinda hilarious.

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Nobody boos at an E3 conference. Though they should. The only good one was Devolver Digital

You're 100% correct, though; this game is going to blow ass. Will dumb people addicted to brand nostalgia be smart enough to not pay for it over and over again each month?

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Because this is what faggots want.

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