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But leftists do want to fuck children. It's their Holy Grail. Read up on the Greens in Germany during the 1960s. Pretending the left isn't all for pedophilia just paints you an idiot.


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Let's create a group of people. We'll call them "leftists". Into this group of people we'll put everyone who wants to fuck children. Now: Are all Democrats in that group? All Green part members? All paleoliberals? All neoliberals? Obviously not. Those have nothing to do with pedophilia. The group you've created only has pedos. So you've changed the word from "pedo" to "leftist", an interesting, but useless, bit of mental gymnastics.


[–] library_of_stupid 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

You can whine all you want, but the undeniable truth is that the left as a whole either wants or has no problem with legalizing pedophilia. They, and apologists like you, need the bullet.