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There are already services like that, only they're English frontends to Asian stores. You'll very rarely find English versions, and what's available on them is restricted based on your country.

There are laws in place that stop porn game devs/publishers from selling their stuff in West, and they're not your usual censorship laws, oh no. They're copyrights that explicitly forbid selling their games outside of country of origin.

It doesn't matter that much if games are just straight up porn, since internet is full of porn, but it stops export of games that are mostly stories, with short porn elements added just because people wouldn't have bought a game without fucking in it, and if they're going to put porn in, might as well incorporate R-rated dialogue in to not waste rating, which is why censoring those elements also doesn't work, as it neuters the gameplay and story. If you release a crippled, incomplete version on your platform, potential buyers will feel justified in pirating it, or pirating full version and porting whatever job you've done to it. It's an outcome only pirates enjoy.

In conclusion, it's either allowing all elements, or outright banning whole games. Valve chose the former, because it's easier to implement (no need to check games for potential cp or other hard banned themes), even though all it does is promote piracy and stunt the market.