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Doesn't look half bad if you're into rogue like, also looks like with the equipment page it's a bit more rpg'ish than most. The turn based seems a bit odd though.

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The game looks pretty darn cool imo (I'm playing the prologue atm). I can't speak for everyone else, but I've missed games like that. As it reminds me about the games that I used to play as a kid. That I can agree on. So I guess it's something that you will either hate, or get used to.

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The fact that they are releasing a version for Linux through GOG is a huge green flag for me.
Bit of a shame that the prologue is currently Windows only.

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I rarely back projects on Kickstarter, but this one I will back. The reason being is because of the amount if gamplay in the trailer. So far I was able to see multiple areas and how the map was set up. Plus some of the key systems were explained.

Most Kickstarter game only show a little bit of the game off, followed by then just showing off cinematic footage randomly. This game however showed gamplay and different mechanics rather than just random cinematic scenes.

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Hopefully, it'll be as good as Wizard of Legends that was just released.

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Actually looks pretty awesome. I just hope it's one of the few Kickstarter campaigns that actually deliver instead of delaying indefinitely.

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Perhaps this will be like a MUD with a GUI.

(This is a good thing.)

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"But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is over: your Caravan will find another mercenary, who will inherit previous character’s legacy. Create a new hero and resume your journey — with accumulated experience and game progression intact.

Never mind. Why bill it as a roguelike, if it isn't a roguelike?