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Downvoted for the google tracking link, you fag. Original, Archive.

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We have the best bots.

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The game is OK. Just pirate it and make sure devs know you've only pirated it because they mingled in sociopolitics instead of making a fucking game.

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Or, ya know, just play a different game.

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Why? It's a good game, mechanically speaking. It tickles my mech bone.

And it hurts its devs doubly so, seeing potential buyers and potential fans of the franchise pirating it and vowing to do so in future.

It's like having a cake, and telling the pastrymaker to fuck off.

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It's not "okay", it's a buggy piece of shit that requires 5 to 10 seconds per click, it's unbalanaced, easy and requires zero thinking to play. Then again, I guess it's perfect for you.

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If you tried as hard at being a good person as you're trying at being edgy, maybe your parents would have loved you.

Then again, what your dad and uncle did to you at night technically could be called tough love.

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I might. But really I would prefer the game be ignored than pirated. These faggot developers need to learn a lesson.

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Pirating it hurts them much more on a mental level - nothing worse for a jew than to see a lost shekel.

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The setting of Battletech allows for these characters to exist first and foremost as actors in the story, and not necessarily representatives of an entire real-world identity.

If that's the case, then why does the rest of the piece go on so much about how important it is for video games to represent different people? If they're not there to represent someone's identity, then why is it important that there are characters in video games to represent identities?

I've said it before but the whole concept of representation is nonsense to begin with. If you can't see some kind of potential for yourself because the tv or a video game never showed you it was possible, then you're unimaginative and useless. You can only define your limits by what some idiot box tells you.

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I have really been enjoying the game. I just overlook the SJW bullshit. I saw a post where one of the mechwarriors you can hire has a backstory of being trans. Like I give a shit. Why the fuck would I want this in my game? I am still going to enjoy the game and to hell with their brainwashing. They really are the ones who have been programmed all their lives. Young programmers with no diverse opinions. They can only be leftists if they want to fit in amoung their peers. What a pity.

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If you bought this game then your an sjw faggot.

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Yeah I bought it with money I saved from the operation. Turns out your dad wants me to keep my penis.

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it doesnt seem invasive but im just mercing and havnt played much of story missions.

Of all the gamergate and political nonsense in games this is like a 1/10

The game doesnt revolve around the politics

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As far as I know only HBS is SJW. Catalyst games, which owns the rights to the board game hasn’t done anything noteworthy to the lore, and PGI who own the Mechwarrior license has a mess of problems, but social justice isn’t one of them.

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Catalyst is run by Randall who can't stop virtue signalling and Loren who can't stop embezzling money for his porch though.

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A porch seems like an odd choice to spend embezzeled money on. I mean, how nice can you really make a porch?

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They want a club where they control everything. They don't want you to have MKXL, Manhunt, Doom, Twisted Metal, Duke Nukem, L4D, HL, Resistance, Killzone, Prototype, etc anymore. It's the same thing Jack, Hillary, Joe, Tipper, Leeland tried years ago. That's the end goal of communist feminism and what the government tried doingyearsago/isstilldoing when they used "the children" to try to prohibition video games and attack adults. They don't want us to have any games any more.

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but Harebrained Schemes’ game also places a distinct focus on the pilots inside those

I don't give a shit who's supposed to be piloting the thing - I'M ACTUALLY PILOTING THE THING.

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I would hire this SJW then send it into battle alone .

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Many games let you choose sex and race without a big deal. Making that a central focus with the pronoun idiotcy is just a retarded virtue signal.

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Yeah that felt forced they could have just had you put in a name and pick a picture and be done with the screen I have not noticed them bother with the pronoun in any conversation so it was just a waste of time to pick it.

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