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Im still floored anyone bought the second game at all. I played the first religiously when it first came out. Then the 1st dlc dropped and removed content from my game unless i bought it. Not to mention the plethora of problems like no trading, no in game chat, no in game group finder (was really fun having to make a reddit account just so i could do vault of glass or nightfalls). Now i watch videos about 2 and all the bullshit they pull like selling you content thats on disc already and calling it dlc.

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The game itself is fine, especially if you play it on PC.

The problem comes down to content, just like the first game. The season pass expansions of the first game had the same lack of general content.

I'd say what is most frustrating is that this is the sequel and they should have gotten it right this time around.

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This was my feeling toward the game as well. As a shooter it's pretty satisfying and there's just enough variety in the guns and equipment to keep things interesting.

I just got sick of doing the same missions over and over for no real reward.

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It was Bungie, creators of Halo for fuck sakes, there was no way this could've fucked up as bad as it did but leave it to Activision to find a way to kill one of the most beloved devs in the business. Them and EA are the only companies that I try to avoid buying from and if I'm too tempted, I either buy used or deep discount because waiting to give them the finger is much better than bending over on day one.

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Same here. I decided they weren't worth giving any more money. I am pretty happy about that.

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Still playing Destiny in 2018

Some people are masochists I guess

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10-year game plan.