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This reads like a 12 year old's fanfic. Don't they teach kids not to write "and then" stories anymore?

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Written by diversity hire.

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Blank was blank. After blank, blank. While blank, blank. After blank, blank. When blank, she/he blanked. They blanked. While blank, her friends blanked. Now she blanks. But she has blanked.

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Instead of teaching kids how to write, they teach them how to quote articles and books for 5 pages.

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Fucking this. I've been trying to put my hatred of English classes into the right words (which I ironically can't do because my English classes sucked). Add in that reading is all about interpreting symbolism (the right way) and not about recognizing themes, influence, foreshadowing, or looking at things from other character's perspective.

Nope, the father wasn't concerned that he lost his daughter to a cult. He's just a one dimensional bad guy who bookends the story of a strong independent woman and her magic negro group.

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They don't teach

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The radio this morning was talking about schools taking out analog clocks as kids can't read them, instead of educating the kid maybe? I recall using clocks in math to teach angles, also they were posted at the back of the room for a teacher not the front for students to avoid being a distraction anyhow as you get yelled at for turning around. With that gone is it hard to believe that and then they dumbed down writing?

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I wish I had the resources to homeschool my children. The school systems are a joke these days. Not to mention the influx of nignog teachers that can’t even speak proper English. They’re teaching our kids. That should frighten all of us.

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I'm sure the teachers can't tell time either

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Analog clocks are a relic that exist because it was the most mechanically simple way to represent time. In the digital era, the analog clock design is no longer necessary. It's existence will soon be only in museums. If you think reading an analog clock is an important skill, then why stop there? Should we also instruct kids on how to use sliderules?

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Can build giant mechs, starships, change genders, but fixing eyesight is beyond their tech and skills.

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also can't proofread log entries

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I'm pretty sure that a lot of these fan submissions as part of the kickstarter backer rewards are just absolutely garbage. Putting aside the trans shit, the grammar and sentence structure is just horrible. The company really should've read through these before allowing the fans to make the submissions.

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Well a genderfluid faggot is not complete with out problem glasses

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Seeing as the tranny is obviously an attention whoring freak of nature, those glasses are most likely left for fashion.

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There's no lenses in them.

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Contacts and laser surgery exist, but I still look sexier in glasses. You look sexier too, but only because my glasses fogged up and I can't see you any more.

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Sounds like as big a failure at life as most trannies.

[–] badweather [S] 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

Well, it somehow got a writing gig at a gaming company so it's not a complete failure.

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Diversity hire as required by law. Or Battletech CEO is faggot. Or both.

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That's like saying someone who got drafted into the NFL is a good player cause hey they got drafted into the NFL.

You're trying to say this shitty writer working for an indie company is worth a damn cause they got to write a shitty story for a shitty indie company that use to be at least decent.

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I would hire her if they had mentioned that she is psychological unstable and contemplated suicide daily because of her gender identity mental disorder. I would think in the future they would have gone back to labeling thing coreectly

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What are we supposed to call a Mary Sue character who's biologically male? Gary Sue?

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Gary Stu

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A faggot

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We really have reached peak degeneracy. Actually, I'm hesitant to make statements like that, for fear that the freaks might take it as some kind of dare.

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What are we supposed to call

Whatever you want. Obeying leftist speech commands is gay.

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I've heard Marty Stew (like the name Stewart).

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Barry Steve

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That's a Kickstarter backers self insert, is it not?

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I don't know. If it is, does that make it ok?

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Yes. Like, not the text itself, but it wouldn't reflect negatively on the developers and the rest of the game.

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It makes the onus in some faggot with too much money rather than that of a studio who hired a tranny.

The difference is slight, but it's there.

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I knew of a tranny at Boeing. Creepy as a dude. Even creepier pretending to be a chic.

[–] i_scream_trucks 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

so the same as 100% of trannies then.

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Pretty much. Why do anything to fail?

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This person would not have survived in the Federated Suns.

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Plus I'm pretty sure we'd have a pill or other medicine to correct gender dysphoria in the future, assuming it's not run by Jews.

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Hahah...great, it's the worst possible hire just like reality.

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Someone just need to mod all these shits out and replace undesirable hires with white men (or attractive white girls) who look like mechwarrior of old.

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What happened to all the hot Clan Jade Falcon Women?

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