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As soon as Lawbreakers failed and Radical Heights was conceived, Boss Key was basically doomed to fail, barring a miracle. This more or less confirms that RH was an attempt to recoup the losses from Lawbreakers, which partially explains why it was rushed out the door like it was. The other reason, which I may have explained on this subverse before, was that if they spent time polishing it, it would be very possible that the Battle Royale genre would shrink into a niche genre by the time it was released. And RH effectively broke the Rule of Twos*. So basically, given the circumstances, I'm not surprised things ended this way.

*In any given multiplayer fad genre, only up to two games may become highly successful at one time, and the others are doomed to be, at best, niche titles. For example, TF2/Overwatch for hero shooters, LoL/DotA2 for MOBAs, PUBG/Fortnite for Battle Royale games.

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Blezinski thought posing for photos with Hillary Clinton, tweeting I'm with her, and putting transgender bathrooms in his new game was a grand idea.

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Prety sure a company that thinks the proper way to announce closing is via twitter shows that there were problems or they have failed so badly that they can't prepay to keep the website up for a few months after the physical is closed.

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WE DON"T NEED MORE FUCKING BATTLE ROYALES..God of War sales have proven what people fucking want. We are tired of these shitty, shallow, multiplayer fuckfests.

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When will we be tired of cinematic "press X to win" simulators as well and can go back to fun games?

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"It had potential."

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Two flops. Good riddance.