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They need to let that series die... It had its run, now everyone I know just sees any release as a cash grab

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It died when they removed the man who had a vision for the series. Kojima is MGS. Period.

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Kojima is a narcissistic jackass. Tomokazu Fukushima was MGS. After he left/was fired/ whatever the series went down the shitter. For everything 4 did right, it did three things wrong, and PW and V were just Kojima jerking himself off.

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Kojima is MGS. Period.


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It's clear that this game had absolutely nothing to do with MGS and at some point they decided to slap the MGS name and brand on it to try to give it more visibility. Didn't help it sell though, only damaged the MGS brand.

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Konami is dead to me.

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I played MG solid on the PlayStation and MG solid 2 on the PS2.

I enjoyed the gameplay, story, and characters. I heard MG solid 3 was a good game too.

So other than 3, what Metal Gear games should I play?

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Mgsv is great if you consider mission 30 to be the end of the game.

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Yeah now the games are all the same, shitty open world, collect all the thing's, no story.

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Gee whiz, it's almost as if taking the name of a series beloved by the fans, ditching the one man behind it all, and then slapping the name on a totally unrelated product does not work out.

Muh Pachinko machines, though.

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I have big boss tattooed on my arm and I still think the series is dead...


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you need help son

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Traditional Japanese style sleeve with big boss as the samurai. It's great