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Let me ask an honest question. As a business why would they change? Because users bitch? They were complaining before all this. EA knows people will complain but still buy their product. So, again why would they change? Gamers as a whole, will buy whatever is the latest game - be damned if it's their favorite style or genre or platform. Rats pushing the button They know this. They don't care about the users. Why would they? They care about the money, the guaranteed income. They make a game, people will buy it.

Stop buying their games. That will teach them. Don't buy any of them.

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Because their greed is getting government more involved in gaming, and if they keep this up they will lose the ability to use this business model entirely. Due partially to their actions, they've already caused the loot box model to be declared gambling in several countries, and if they continue pushing it will only get worse.

It's a self-destructive course, ignoring even how insulting it is to their userbase.

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I feel you key in on the exact element; greed. I cant say if its related to the government but looking at Hollywood over the past 50 years. Entertainment used to be about telling a story. Good, bad or indifferent it was simple. This was from Music and Film. Now nothing is done without a risk analysis and ROI payback. If it does not fit the model its simply not done. So everything else really has no matter in the equation.

Until we collectively not use or purchase their product it will continue this course. Self destructive or not. Milk all they can until its dry.

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Absolutely agreed. The free market puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of consumers and producers. Problem is: people HATE responsibility! They know they're rats mashing buttons, but they lack the discipline to stop.

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Stop buying their games. That will teach them. Don't buy any of them

I would take this notion a step further. Go out of your way to pirate triple A games. Fuck these kike game companies

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As long as people buy they will sell. It's kind of stupid of them if they don't do that. Complain about greed all day, but if people stopped buying that shit they would have no choice but stop selling it.

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I got tired of seeing shit like this on /r/gaming:


Day 2: Hey guys, check out my sick Darth Vader plays.

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Govt bailouts every year.Everyone could stop and they would still stay open. Many of my incompetent business associates are doing quite well for themselves. You are very misinformed and have believed too many lies.

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What's there to learn? People keep buying the boxes/keys and buying the games.

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I havent bought an ea game in 10 years.

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Crysis was my last EA game.

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Battlefield 1942 was mine.

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I've been clean since 2013

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=I1g6_ueyGlY :

EA Once Again Proves They've Learned NOTHING - YouTube

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Jewish hand-wringing intensifies.


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Some of the best rock and roll music was produced in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It slowly went downhill. Well, games had their hayday in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Other than a few titles here and there (CD Project Red!), you're stuck with it. It is just the way things work. Just like pop music crap, you now have "pop music" loot boxes. Don't listen to it, don't buy it. But millions will buy it and make you angry. Then you buy it too, lol.

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lol of coursed they learned, they learned that retards love this shit and spend retarded amounts of money on it. That's why they're continuing with them. It isn't theoretical physics here kids.

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They've learned, consumers have not

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