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"time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time"


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You've spent more on M+KB than on your video card. Talk about bad investment.


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mouse 100 keyboard 140, total $240, video card 459. unless you use different math then I do that puts the video card as the higher price. There have also been 4 video cards during that time and only one keyboard replacement due to physical break. I more often tend to buy lower tier cards and replace more offten then buy highend and sit on it, I find it cheaper in the long run to buy a gen old and replace periodically then try to buy top tier. Admittedly I though I had been replacing more often then I had been but I base that on need not age. I'm not big on twitch games and haven't been hitting AAA games at all in the last few years so it has not been a huge bottleneck to me typically if newer games start to dip below 45fps I'll upgrade current one runs everything I play at 60fps so no need to spend more.


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the only advantage of console gaming to PC is that you should not spend 5 grand over the years on hardware upgrades.

i dont buy every controller or device that sony,nintendo does

i mostly rent my games and when i buy digital i'll wait for a sale.

i dont subscribe to services such as psn,or xbox live

(i do sub to netflix,spotify,amazon)

now on the PC side:

bought a used computer for 185 corei5 2400

bought a cordless mouse for about 7 bucks

bought a cordless keyboad for 10

bough a failed gpu geoforce 730 gtx for over 76 bucks

bought a usb bluetooth dongle, i think it was 5 bucks

i think i'm done with buying more shit for PC,probly buy a better PC in the next 2 years