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It's sad when a myth like this gets busted. :(

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What? Look, unless he beat cancer, got a RadioShack endorsement and got caught doping, even then, never heard of the fuck and don’t give a flying fifth of a forward flipping fuck

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Finally. Holy shit. This has been like 30 years in the making.

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https://archive.fo/wl0gN :

'History's Most Famous' Arcade Player STRIPPED Of Titles Amid Cheating Scandal | Daily Wire

"He's no longer even one of the top ten Donkey Kong players in the arcade world.", "And that's exactly what one researcher, Jeremy Young, says happened when Mitchell got his world record score."

'Mitchell posted a score of 1,047,200 on the Donkey Kong arcade machine, and was the first person to crack the 1 million-point mark on the game. '

' The current world record for Donkey Kong is 1,247,700 points, is held by a man named Robbie Lakeman, who also holds the title for Super Pac-Man, according to Wikipedia. '

'But now officials are saying that Mitchell got his score on a Donkey Kong emulator, like the ones commonly available on video game streaming services like Steam. '

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