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is it because it is Bird's Eye view and not in your face like GTA III and newer?

Seems like the most obvious answer to me. 2d graphics only allow for so much detail when it comes to blood and gore. Plus, it makes it difficult to properly showcase skimpily clad women, which drive the American office of censorship absolutely furious.

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Yes, but as someone else here pointed out, the Dreamcast version was M.

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funny I went looking for the box art in an image search and it seems the dreamcast version was M (animated violence, strong language, suggestive themes) gameboy color was T (mild animated volence) PC was T (not finding the back yet) playstation was T (as you said but not finding the back). This could have to do with when it was released and standards then but it is odd that in what I found only the dreamcast had a different rating.

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It's because dreamcast has the best graphics and you can see all the bad stuff.


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That just makes it funnier...lol

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I played the one on the GB and it was more like cartoon violence than the more realistic newer games.