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Ugh. I'm glad I didn't. However, since I have an original Vive, I'm actually going to upgrade the lenses today or tomorrow. I'm pretty excited. I always hated the Fresnel lenses.


EDIT: Holy shit, boys! Replaced them tonight and I don't think I have ever seen so clearly. No more stupid god rays of doom!

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I’m very interesting is trying this out

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Do it. I picked a 2016 Gear VR up for $25 on amazon. I had Sculpteo print high quality adapters. They have SLS (Select Laser Sintering) printing which gives super high quality prints. I do have a 3d printer, but I was concerned on quality. Its just a cheap MonoPrice Select Mini.

GearVR is easy to take apart. Just remove the phone cap and look closely at the lenses on the inside. There tabs you can pop out and the lenses come right out. The Vive part was a little more worrying as the only way to remove the lenses without 100% disassembly is to use a super thin slot-headed screwdriver to CAREFULLY pry/pull the lens out. You basically just have to work the screwdriver behind the lens and the ledge it sits on and it just slides out. Just keep an air duster around to clean the mess up.

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I'd spring for: Pro + Wireless + Knuckles.

Is there a date on the other two yet?

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Wireless is coming later this year, requires a free pci-e slot and will support original Vive.

Knuckles seem like mythical artifacts that we will never get our hands on, but maybe HTC will redesign the controllers closer to something like that for the 2.0 kit.

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I'd be happy with the PP gun but I'm gonna have to pass on that one.


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No, but I'm jealous.

I <3 my Vive.

Tempted to pick up a pro for increased comfort and text readability but so fucking pricy.

Skyrim VR must be amazing in the pro.

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No, I got the vive when it came out. Played a lot of Elite Dangerous. I actually play less games now because first person games on a monitor just doesn't do it for me anymore... We probably need 2 more gens of graphics cards before a true gen 2 vr is possible.

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I play alot of ED as well. Got my Corvette right before the attack on Obsidian Orbital. I would say that is one of the best games for the VIVE.

Other games like DCS, it's hard to read the gauges in the cockpit or read the menus when you forget a key bind.

Sad to say I think you are right on the GPU's, Just wait when 4k 144hz panels finally drop... I don't think a stock 1080 will be enough.

Just think of all the Nintendo Switches you could buy...

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I never did the corvette grind. Got my Conda, most of my cash pirating NPCs and taking slaves and Scientific samples and Diamonds... But Pirating has gotten less fun over the years.

Stock 1080 should really be the min requirements for the Vive 1.0... Battle of Stalingrad isn't a bad flight sim either, I'd wish they had Rise of Flight in VR though, WW1 planes are simple and you wouldn't need to look at the gauges.

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God I love Linus. He makes me wish I was a tiny Asian-Candian woman.

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Are you going to sell your old HMD? :)

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No, I built my kid a PC so now now the goal will be 2 HMD's in one play space.

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Great idea!

I love that the Vive can support multiple HMDs with one lighthouse setup.

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They got the pricing structured on this stuff to prevent flooding the market with full capable kits.

it's $800 JUST for the headset so most will upgrade that and be left with an old headset with no extra controllers/tracking stations.

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Yep. One of my HMDs is acting up so a replacement would be handy. No need for additional controllers for lighthouse units.

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I almost pulled the trigger, but decided to wait to see how it shakes out. Besides, I need a new card and some ram before I can make that make sense.