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Mind Control Software

Ready Player One

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Is Mind Control Software also named in the book? It isn't like it's some big coincidence that a VR game would be named Oasis in a world where real life has become shitty.

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No, but it becomes mind control software. Life imitating art imitating reality.

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https://archive.fo/1SwKY :

Gamasutra - Indie Postmortem: Mind Control's Oasis

'Mind Control Software has historically split its time between development for hire and its own independent aspirations. '

'It was created by Mind Control Software of San Rafael, California, a company that has specialized in game design since its formation in 1994. '

'Marc joined Mind Control Software in the summer of 2003, intent on creating a C++/DirectX version of Oasis in time for the September 1st Independent Games Festival application date, and winning an award for Oasis. '

'Marc and I taught game design at each Game Developers Conference to about one hundred industry folks each year through a tutorial that Marc had devised. '

'Oasis is an Egyptian themed, turn-based strategy game played on a 10x10 grid shrouded in a mysterious fog. '

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