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They should really let that series rest in peace. Ken Lavine is gone, and infinite wrapped up the story as best it could. I don't have much optimism for it.

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Beating a dead horse.

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I’ve got a better idea:

How about cancel this game that nobody wants & Make a Sid Meier’s Pirates sequel instead.

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You know the dude saying there's new B.S is a long time of Kotaku and one of the usual suspects right? https://media1.giphy.com/media/JKnOe5l8piEQ8/giphy-downsized-large.gif

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I was so extremely let dowm by bioshock. Needed less fps linear action and more rpg open world

Edit: since i got a down and no rebuttal, bioshock sucked ass and was only good in concept. As a story, bioshock was good, as a game, it was pure uninspired garbage and anyone who enjoyed the gameplay is a stupid fag. Just cuz i got dv and no rebuttal