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They became boring about a decade ago when game direction shifted from men with talents and vision to men in a board room discussing quarterly projections. High budget games have become methodical cash making machines.

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The Gaming Industry has been downhill ever since the beginning of the PS3 Era

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Getting boring? Were they ever fun? These are just movies with button clicks between scenes for the "gamers".

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Some of the reasons they're boring is because of asshole elitist players. They're who think that they've got all the answers in what makes a great gaming community. Plus, add in ridiculous grinds and shitty practices the gaming industry inflicts on their titles.

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I think it's less that they're getting boring and more that nobody is going to take a multimillion dollar chance on something that might make a lot of money so AAA games tend to be what ever genre has been gaining popularity lately.

Just like CoD rode the fps wave, then the zombie wave, and more recently there's been a bunch of open world RPGs and survival games.

Even though they've been done to death by the time big studios get to them some people really like what they put out.

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Interesting, I didn't realize that these AAA titles were paying so much more on marketing than development. It's probably a general good rule of thumb that if someone is trying that hard to sell you something it isn't something you want.

In my own experience, I've stopped buying the big AAA game franchises the last few years, I too find them boring. I like the acronym that this youtuber used, DUP, dumbest user possible. These mass marketed games are really built with the Dumbest User Possible in mind. This is a great thing to do for UI design, this however is not a great thing for gameplay if people like me are looking to be challenged. On the other hand, I don't necessarily fault the game companies. There apparently is a market for "dumb" games out there. Gamer's looking for a challenge shouldn't be bitter, they just need to realize they aren't the target demographic.

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It's probably a general good rule of thumb that if someone is trying that hard to sell you something it isn't something you want.

Echoes from the mountain tops yes yes yes why can't normies just understand this? And this issue transcends gaming.

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it's unfortunate, but you're right. the games designed for people that want a challenge and some depth are an endangered species. kids ask for refunds if the game expects them to figure something out on their own. it's sad but it's the current state of things. i wish there was a game review site that solely focused on the niche games and didn't bother with the crap that gets pushed by annual franchises and gimmicky crap like movie-tie-ins, mobile ports, "game-plays-itself"s, etc

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They were already boring. Now they are getting oversaturated. And to combat this they decided to go the "games as a service route" which worsens saturation when you have a collective yearly series of releases that continue to disrespect the time we have. This is like the MMO saturation of 10 ish years ago all over again.

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AAA games sucks. It's too mainstream everybody and their dog also played the same game.

Total War is the only AAA games series worth playing because its player base is much less diverse due to IQ requirement.

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I would call pubg a B game at best, and it's the most fun I've had on a video game since battlefield bad company. Great stuff from a korean shit hole. Keep it up, though. I heard ring of elysium is supposed to be their new project. The shit code they used for pubg is so bad, they just started on a whole new game.

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There's also Radical Heights which is free and buggy but it's a lot of fun too. More than most AAA shite.