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Efficient traffic lights would make the carbon criers shut the fuck up.

It’s not just stopping for the light, it’s the slowing downs and then accelerating again that kills your gas mileage and destroys efficiency.

Smart lights are something from a dream it seems....proof is in the vid, reality has a long way to catch up.

Also, it wouldn’t work for multiple lanes, but round-abouts are super cool ....new here and I love them.

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Also, it wouldn’t work for multiple lanes, but round-abouts are super cool ....new here and I love them.

You mean multiple lanes in the roundabout? I've seen those. A small town near me (central NJ) has multiple roundabouts on the major roads, and the local planners seemed to like them so much that they're even in most of the shopping center parking lots. However, non locals can have a really tough time in them, going painfully slow, stopping in the roundabout, or jumping over 3 lanes to exit.

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"...stopping in the roundabout..."

This is should result in a beating...

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Ya I was a bit sceptical till I tried it. And to be honest I almost hit someone because the roundabout was new and I guess not well thought out because there was a mound in the middle so you can’t see the other side. Need to have a clear line of sight ....

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Good point, I can't count how many times a day I have to sit at a traffic light with no cars coming the other way the whole duration of the light and it's the same lights every day, some times I say fuck it and just run the light because there is no fucking reason to wait at it.

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That is exactly what I do too!

I work in the middle of the nigh, when there is no traffic. Sitting at a light when no one is around at all is stupid.

Cheers man! And remember, look both ways before you run the red.....LOL!

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Roundabouts are great and can work for multiple lanes. The only problem with roundabouts in my area (upstate NY) is that too many drivers don't understand how to properly use them and panic when they come to one.

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Better driver training so people know how to not only drive well, but to drive efficiently would do wonders as well.

Also I love round-abouts, and multiple lane ones do work, but can be pretty intimidating your first few times.

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Some folk get in the car and it’s like they are sitting on the couch at home, barely aware of their surroundings.....drives me freaking mental!

Ya I was mistaken about the multi-lane roundabout, I’m sure it works very well for those initiated.

So get this, yesterday because of this post, I ended up contacting the city I live in and told them about how one of our new roundabouts does not have a clear line of sight because they left a mound of dirt right in the middle. It is going to fixed immediately. LOL thanks to voat an imminent collision avoided.

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This is like factorio train intersections.

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Oh god. The amount of time I spent trying to get every bit of efficiency out of things in that game...could probably have put me well on the way to a civil engineering degree or something.

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For some reason I feel like I remember this having something to do with you, not with a game.

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Nope. There is also at least one other "Buddha" who posts in the Philosophy subverse.

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Nice! Too bad Democrats in Maryland didn't consider traffic flow when they approved the mess on I-95 North of Baltimore. So greedy, we have complex multiple junctions to accommodate toll and nontoll. Expensive duplicate overpasses for toll and nontoll. I don't know who thinks of this stuff, but they should be given a blindfold and a cigarette before execution.

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I really need to pick up a city simulator game. The newest one I have is Sim City 4 with the Rush Hour expansion and several traffic mods.

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Simcity 4 is a great game. They absolutely fucked it up with SC5. I picked up Cities:Skylines on Sale with steam for like $10. It's definitely worth it. It's missing a few things that SC4 has but the great graphics and realistic traffic make up for it IMO. Only sad thing is some things that should be included are DLC

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That is still the best one.