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Accurate mechwarrior callsign.

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Call sign "Gorilla" and his bio says he is a noble of some sort.

It's the monkey kang, homies.

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You can tell the obvious kangz and sheeeit reference.

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Would be even better if the bio said his favorite food was bananas and he dates only Jewish women.

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Unfortunately it has to be subtle since it's a business after all and they don't want to lose sales from SJW.

Probably the only reason this went through QC is that because the dev company is very white.

Battletech is a relic of gaming golden age, where it was exclusively a white male's past time. Even now you can see how not-diverse the player base is. A breath of fresh air in 2018 when gaming these days has been reduced to 'my toddler, my grandma, my wife, and that hobo on the street plays game too."

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Weisman is a kike.

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Is it out yet?

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All the other ones have been shit tier due to the way they force you to control the mechs. Games like quake 4 where you use a mech for only a short period of time are way better so I hope this game learns a lesson from other titles.

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Idk man, I personally love all battletech games.

Although this one is too much forced diversity for my liking. Like literally the characters are promoting miscegenation, from Raju Mastiff to Yang Virtanen. Also the forced "strong independent wahmen" stereotype.

Fuck progress, Mechcommander 1 with 99% white cast and 1 dead negro in cutscene is perfect.