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Sorry, SteelSeries. Still not buying your shit ever again, and will continue advocating for a complete boycott amongst all my friends, gamers or not.

It's called "due diligence". Try doing some of that next time before you get involved in any more virtue signaling. Idiots.

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Same... I know who I wont be getting next time I need a mech keyboard.

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I have a Ducky TKL thing with nice, clicky keys. And programmable buttons! Highly recommended if you miss your Model-M but don't want the numpad.

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i can't express how disappointed i am in steelseries.

at some point as a company you have to take responsibility for the decisions you make or allow others to make on your behalf. it's especially disappointing because the one steelseries product i have, the siberia wireless headphones, are really great. easily the best headphones i've ever had for my pc. i can not understand why they thought that the best way to get new customers was to represent their current ones in such a bad and false way.

i'm definitely going to think twice about buying steelseries products in the future and not because of the quality of their product, but instead because they don't seem to value me as a customer enough to make sure their efforts to increase their market doesn't include painting me as undesirable.

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Check out the g-series from logitech. I've been very satisfied with mine.

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Can't wait for the day when companies fire all the retards and put rules in place about politics/virtue signaling.

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That is a legit great idea. I'm thinking that since the apology can never undo the fact that they went there, there has to be a forfeit before their products are ever considered again - released on video, preferably live, and someone holding up a sign with the date.

Also as a guard against hiring a fall guy, I would extend the slaps to anyone who went along with the idea in implicit agreement.

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Haha, I like this idea a lot.

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Yep steel series should just be saying "we make headsets keyboards and mice, so our main focus is on those with hands and/or ears while we are exploring other options as well, but so far have found that politics don't have much impact on our field so we are staying away from them."

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Bully Hunters was a joke within hours of that stream. The head bitch was even threatening to DCMA people. Because of the scam quickly being discovered.

Steel Series fucked their brand pretty good on this one. Especially with the charity they were going to give money to.

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To clear a few things up: BullyHunters was not a viral campaign stage-managed by us. We did not hire a marketing agency to create it. We didn’t have anything to do with its execution, content or messaging. And more importantly, we would never take advantage of an issue like bullying to sell hardware. They asked us to supply some headsets, support the call for positive change, and we did.

But they went and made limited edition headsets with the bully hunters logo.

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Fuck you, steelseries. In your eagerness to virtue signal, you forgot rule one; Don't piss all over your core demographic in order to please a bunch of weird-hair lesbians who aren't even gamers.

You exist in a very competive market. Now watch me buy your competitors products, because they vere smart enough to not shit on me.

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To all companies: Stop trying to stand for something and just take our money.

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Or stand for something but don't cram it down peoples throats.

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This is a huge blow for those feminist bullies at "BullyHunters"

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imagine being so trash that a company that produces $20 headphones sold at wallmart needs to throw you under a bus

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