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Oh man. I loved this game. I used to play this for hours and hours on a computer with no sound card. I would just listen to music on a boom box. We eventually fixed the sound on the computer and then it was like falling in love with the game all over again. So good.

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hell ya this was a game even my dad loved to play at the time

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Its free on android play store atm

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This is my story man.

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Fuck yeah! Here is my Carmageddon Story:

Not long after I got the DOS version of the game, must have been around 1997 or 1998, (can't remember when the game came out) I was playing on the family PC in our living room. It just so happens that my Grandparents were visiting us at this time and so my Grandpa came over and asked what I was playing because he wanted to watch.He was always a pleasant old guy... Now, coming from a religious background, showing ol' gramps how I run old ladies over in the street and watch their legs fly two different directions would be a pretty tough sell and I knew I'd be getting chewed the fuck out for it by my mother and I couldn't just ALT+F4 and say "NOTHING! I'm playing nothing".... so I only had ONE choice.

While he watched me, I played the game as if it were some sort of out-for-a-Sunday-drive simulator.

I was driving slow, and damn carefully. I avoided all pedestrians, I tried to keep the speed down to a reasonable 55 kph while the AI was zipping around me having a grand old time I was taking corners 30 after checking both ways twice.

Ol' gramps patted me on the back and said "good job son" and walked away after 2 minutes but lemme tell you I was sweating fuckin' bullets because the timer was counting down and since I hadn't run any old ladies down I had no points to add to the timer...

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shit sound almost the same as having a cop behind you when u drive now

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"The Racing Game For The Chemically Imbalanced"

Could you imagine someone putting that on a label now? They'd flip their shit.

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hell ya its part of the charm

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Damn straight. Gets no complaint from me. That shit was amazing.

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Remember it? I still play it. Theres an android port.

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And I thought I was the only one...

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Every phone ive had since it came out has had to have it.

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Does it go by the same name?

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Yep. Its in the play store, and the amazon app store, but I got it from a humble bundle a few years back.

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Loved it. It was the first game that I remember which really made use of new dedicated GPU's. 3Dfx VooDoo cards if I'm not crazy.

Those were interesting times.

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I was part of the crowd funding for the new version so you can still play it. There's an android version too if you want to squish old people screaming "I was in the war!!" again.


/spez: and if you're really into olde school Battlezone 98 Redux is on steam.

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Love the new one, didnt play anything else until it was finished. Anyone who njoyed the original should pick it up.

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This was the fucking shit

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