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Good. That prick is fucking douche. More talk than player, unlike the other people in that documentary.

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When I sent that article to a buddy at work, he immediately came to my desk and said, "Good! That guy is a fucking douche." That's honestly exactly what he said.

And any picture you see of the guy, he always looks like a douche. Hell, I never use the word douche to describe anybody and never have but I can't think of another word to describe the guy.

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Thinking your buddy is the same voater. But his username clearly says he is not your friend.

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"There's only one way I sign my high scores.. USA."

God what a fucking douche.

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If anyone hasn't seen The King of Kong, I highly recommend it. It's a documentary about these guys who compete for arcade game world records. Billy Mitchell is an asshole of the highest order, many people have been saying he cheated for years, and in The King of Kong there is clear evidence of him getting away with cheating. I'm glad they finally stripped his records from him, I just wonder why it took so long. Publicity, I suppose.

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I've been a member of the MAME community since the first year it existed and grew up in an arcade so the old arcade stuff, especially Donkey Kong is something I have a passionate interest in. My first high score record was on Space Invaders, shortly after it came out. So that's how long I've been playing arcade games. Though I don't play them much, I still have several vintage arcade games in my basement. I was actually really looking forward to this documentary before I saw it. and really knew nothing of that guy. When I was done watching I had such a negative opinion of him I don't want to describe how much I hated him.

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Have you got a Ghost 'n Goblins machine?

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Lol, seriously though, I've been playing them about as long. Moon Patrol is still my favorite.

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I remember TG trying to say the film was biased and showed Billy in a bad light. Turns out, he really is the asshole everyone thought he was. It is especially satisfying to know he specifically lost to Weibe and the same group Billy pays to kiss his ass are the ones saying it.

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It's a good documentary that one, I'd recommend it too. It didn't really appeal to me beforehand as I'm not a gaming enthusiast but I gave it a go in the end because reviews were good. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it, it carries a strong humanistic/moral message that goes well beyond mere games. And yes, you're almost guaranteed to finish the movie hating Billy Mitchell!

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Apollo legend caused it. Here is his video on Mitchell. His last 3 videos break down the cheating of Mitchell and Todd Rodger. Also exposes the corruption at twin galaxies gaming

This video on todd rodgers is what led to Apollo making videos exposing "legendary" high scorers and speed runners and how they cheated

He hounded twin galaxies enough until they were forced to act

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I mean, Twin Galaxies needed Mitchell. He was moderately famous and liked doing appearances and interviews, and he mentioned Twin Galaxies every time. He drove a huge amount of interest towards their business, so they took care of him.

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When I first saw the headline, given the timeline we live in, my brain immediately went to "ok, what variation of the original sin of whiteness did he commit to rile up the SJW's?"

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He's a middle aged white male that holds/held lots of high scores. Clearly such a thing cannot be forgiven.

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I saw the guy speak in person at a convention. Thought he came across as a little more human than he does on TV. He seemed to enjoy playing the part of a heel, and I don't hold that against him. After all, it's just video game high scores, right? But now it looks like acting like a prick wasn't just an act for him.

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From the article, it doesn't seem like he cheated as much as he is being banned for a technicality. Apparently he used an emulator, and the rules call for all scores to be played on the original game hardware. It doesn't say he cheated in the sense that he gave himself an advantage over other players.

Being banned from submitting scores ever again seems harsh, regardless if he's an asshole or not.

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By using an emulator, it's SUPER easy to cheat. Even if he didn't use known hacks/cheats for the game there are other ways. He could have paused the game to take breaks. But the worst thing is using save states. He could reach a high level then do a save state. If he fucks up later, he can go back to that save state and continue over and over again. So that's why the rule is in place. The fact that he lied and continued to lie about it just made it all that much worse.

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You can do the same with the original hardware. It just requires some engineering.

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I wonder if he's a goony beardie dude...

[clicks article]


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https://youtu.be/LAQ2vEHq2N4 - further watching

Twin Galaxies has sucked Billy's dick for a long time, giving him waaaay more leeway than any of his competition in approving scores, going as far as spreading conspiracy theories about people who beat him. Not surprising to see him fall at all.

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This is like watching the post credits scene of King of Kong

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