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It’s got the best atmosphere. There is creativity and some real grunge to it. The gameplay still holds up. I love the aspect of having a time limit for the first half, which adds some actual tension missing from the other games.

I think Fallout 2 and New Vegas are both very faithful to the first game and what it tried to do. I have the most hours of any Fallout in New Vegas with the Project Nevada and a few other mods enabled.

Fallout 3 went down the wrong path both in gameplay and lore. Some for examples would be scaling enemy levels, I hate that shit. As well as unkillable children who are also part of a main quest. I understand if a game has to make children unkillable for ratings reasons, but you aren’t supposed to highlight that fact by actively making the player want to kill them.

The lore and worldbuilding is a complete mess and makes little sense. I have always suspected that the game was originally supposed to be set immediately after the bombs dropped, which makes a lot of the issues in the game line up.

Fallout 4 was everything I hated about FO3 but pumped up on steroids. Worldbuilding made no sense, and dumbed down RPG elements. The base building stuff belonged in its own game, not shoehorned into a main title game.

I remember Fallout Tactics but from my recollection it was broken. If you want something with a similar vibe, I really enjoyed the Wasteland 2 (Redux Edition) release.


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Wasteland 2 was good. Tactics was broken but mods fixed a lot of the issues. Fallout 1 to me always seemed darker, more gritty in the atmosphere and closer to reality of what you might find after the world ends. The easter eggs were great as well. I can see where some diverge with the Fallout 3 style of fallout. For me that divergence was something I was wanting. The only other game that gave me the experience I sought was Mass Effect 1 and 2, fuck 3.

Thanks for responding and have a great day.