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I have seen comments about small sections of gameplay triggering libtards because it wasn't outright promoting liberal politics, and denouncing folks that would call them libtards. Or quite the red neck killing simulator they wanted. https://voat.co/v/NeoFAG/2436618

It is still the super happy diversity Ubisoft behind Assassin's Creed, and Far Cry Primal. But it is a mainline Far Cry installment, where the best press goes back to FC3 and Blood Dragon. Even if it has an explicit political message. it will built up over the full game. I expect it to be more anti-Christian, or anti-religion then it being about race politics, but honestly, I would place money that it will take the safe "religion, and practitioners are fine, extremism is bad". They still need to sell it to republicans, conservatives, aka half the population in the West. Far Cry is also their dudebro shooter, and sells to a different crowd then Assassins Creed or South Park. "Responding to the criticism, game director Dan Hay revealed that the story was written to discuss the consequences of beliefs and ideologies being taken to their most extreme form rather than as a response to a particular political event" from a biased source.

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Fuck Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and all those bullshit pro-diversity propaganda. Ubisoft is known for pushing subtle "progressive" brainwashing propaganda. It fucking piss me off every time I see "this game is made by people of all background, race, religion bullshit" because basically it's saying "we fired another straight light-skinned dude for the sake of virtue signaling."

Fuck that shit. I like my old games where all the characters are white males with pretty white heroines here and there. Or even any homogeneous game free of faggotry and diversity.

I can only tolerate light skins characters and pretty light skinned girls. Occasional mudskins are okay as long as they are at most side kick, bad guy, or optional, but there can be no "progressive" propaganda.

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"this game is made by people of all background, race, religion bullshit"

I always thought that quote was a way to cover their asses in case of being blamed/accused by PC retards. Didn't the 1st Assasin's Creed released in 2007 have that? Also I haven't heard of discriminatory hiring practices like Bioware or Google at Ubisoft yet. They are quite PC sure and have gotten worse over time but I don't see them at Bioware level just yet.

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Welcome to 2018. Stop complaining and deal with it!

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What do you have against Far Cry Primal?

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People may have ignored the story because it sucked ... but it was about as close as you can get to being pro-immigrant, one people/many colours, look at our PoC woman in a leadership role as possible. But that would also require being hooked enough to finish it. And no one talked about the gameplay because it was just the same Far Cry mechanics, dressed up in a new setting, but without any of the wit that went into Blood Dragon. I would rather replay any Far Cry 1-3, or Blood Dragon as opposed to Primal.

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As always, I wait for the so-called "Game of the Year" edition to come out and be put on sale before purchasing. That's the only way to ensure that you get a complete game.

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Makes sense, with a project that big you want to be careful about alienating your customer bases. They put in just enough for the bluepills on both left and right to project their own basic bitch identity politics onto the game and thus spite marketing operates in either direction. Meanwhile critics look dumb because there isn't anything that egregious in it really.

They've subtly engineered a controversy that only exists in the customers' minds, so they get all the benefits with none of the drawbacks. I predict the game will turn a massive profit.

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The new Hollywood paradigm is that the white male will either be absent or relegated to being a supporting character or a villain.

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The lead dev is white and didn’t appear to be a liberal.