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Although affected by context, video games have long focused on the expulsion of “aliens” (Space Invaders to XCOM), fear of impure infection (Half-Life to The Last of Us), border control (Missile Commander to Plants vs Zombies), territory acquisition (Command & Conquer to Splatoon), empire building (Civilization to Tropico), princess recovery (Mario to Zelda), and restoration of natural harmony (Sonic to FarmVille).

As opposed to what, letting aliens murder you, letting yourself be infected by impurities, doing nothing about invasions, letting your opponents acquire said territory so they can use it against you, letting your society remain dormant and crumble, telling the princess to rescue herself, and letting the world devolve into chaos? That sentence really says everything you need to know about the author and their batshit insane view of the world.


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Basically he proves it himself that the alternative to right-wing idelogies is always destructive.

But he is right in the fact that video games, just like other "entertainment" forms are useful tool for propaganda. The japanese are using entertainment media successfully to enforce tradition. Patriarchy has never been stronger than before in Japan thanks to how the medias there has been reinforcing it. Women can get jobs, but of course, she needs to adapt to the patriarchy culture instead of having a chance to reform laws and job cultures.

As a result, this leads to women being desirable because their tendency to conform to what men wants in terms of behavior, personality, societal expectation, etc instead of going for the "my body my choice" route.

Liberalism is cancerous and destructive, and it is a job for game developers to make it clear and repeat the age old tropes, such as the portrayal of traditional family structure and traditional standard of beauty (like how light skin is portrayed to be more attractive than dark skin).


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This dullard's "analysis" of video game plots couldn't be more shallow if he tried.

Games must have a goal. There must be obstacles to overcome. They must have conflict.

Beta males don't deal well with obstacles and conflict.

If he wants to label overcoming obstacles and succeeding as 'right-wing' values, well, he may be on to something.


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At this point "far right" is a label they try to stick on anyone who doesn't want every single game to feature trans-queer biracial lesbians as the main characters.


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video games teach critical thinking?