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It's the best one since the last one.

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I wanted to love first game but the loot was so unsatisfying. And wiping was too easy.

Hows second re those 2?

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Played 1, did not enjoy due to game mechanics. I've been playing 2 all weekend, it's fixed all the issues I hated about the first: Matchmaking system works great, Leveling system and Loot makes sense, encourages multiple builds/play styles for each character, the levels are more open and beautiful or fucking gory as hell, often both. And the ranged weapons are actually super fun and powerful in this one, with loot items giving things like sniper mode vs crowd control. Also the crafting system is useful now

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Won't pay a buck for this unless they add those sexy female skavens

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I am currently playing the first one, to decide if i want to play the 2nd one.

Got the first one for 5$, so figured why not.

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FatShark is a great studio, they involve the community for feedback. Sucks there is no versus mode, l4d was great and competitive fun trying to see which team could make it through the map. Great improvement over V1, especially if you hated the loot system and same mobs