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I agree with your statements, but violent video games are part of the process to desensitize the population. Movies, TV, news, video games, all part of the problem. Studies also show violent video games desensitize the user. In my opinion, desensitizing the population enough could lead to more violence over the course of decades / generations.

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There's a much simpler explanation. Violence sells, people find action entertaining. Video game developers and movie producers make violent media because people buy it.

There have been many studies done, and they have never been able to find a link between violent media and criminal behavior. The best they have is a correlation between aggressive people and violent entertainment. If you are an aggressive person, you are more likely to prefer aggressive entertainment, which makes sense to me.

People should be free to raise their kids in the way they believe is best for them, if that precludes violent video games or movies, that's up to them. I'm not opposed to a rating system being forced on video games to give parents the tools to judge a game's content. But if the government is going to try and tell me, a grown adult, what I can and cannot watch for my own good, they can fuck off.


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I agree with what you're saying. I also realize the NWO plan to desensitize the population and how they use violence to do it because as you say, it sells. If you're a gamer and you're ignorant to the NWO plan to desensitize you and how video games are doing it, thats just ignorant.

Easy to see here who has emotional attachments to video games. I'm not against them in anyway. Just pointing out the obvious NWO plan to desensitize the population and how violent video games are helping the cause. I'm not surprised kids that play violent video games don't know this.


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Bro 15 year olds use to fight and kill in wars. Today's population is way to pussified.


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So it would be completely acceptable if I turned on GTA V and spent all my time in my apartment writing strongly-worded letters, right?

Would shaking my fist angrily be acceptable or just show that my character has "dangerous anger issues" and then have to evade the men in white coats?

Maybe if my character were only allowed to say, "Oh gosh darn my rotten luck" at his car being blown up, stolen or otherwise?

I grew up watching horror flicks, playing video games during the time there was a moral panic about Mortal fucking Kombat, reading violent comics and listening to Death Metal. Know what made me NOT go full apeshit and start popping rounds off? Fucking Parenting. I have a great dad who was once a Marine and believed in fucking discipline. How about trying on some of that shit. Weird idea, I know.


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So violent media desensitized people to violence. Huh it's funny because that media is being used worldwide yet massive school shootings only really happen in the US.

I'm pretty sure it's more of a cultural problem present only in the US.

While I don't want to say that violent games have 100% no effect on very young kids. Studies so far haven't shown a strong correlation and I would say that shitty parent's who are completely ignorant of the age ratings are FAR more to blame than the games themselves.