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Do they really think video games will be an easy scapegoat?

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Jeff Sessions still has a hard-on for hating video games and ruining the non-harmful fun of others. He blamed Columbine on violent games. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jeff-sessions-guns-columbine_us_5894d54de4b0c1284f25dd10

Also, Trump has asked to meet with people in the video game industry to discuss gun violence.

..so, yeah. They do think violent video games are an acceptable scapegoat with which to blame the country's problems.. despite research that points to them being more of an outlet for frustrated and stressed people rather than something that works players up into a frenzy.

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I don't know anyone who's finished playing a shooter, and been more worked up afterwards. Games like that just suck all of the energy out of you.

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something that works players up into a frenzy

That seems more of a mischaracterization of what probably happens. The short version of the way I see it, is that it's somewhat similar to the way you can increase your skill (at basketball, for ex.) by visualizing the behaviors required for success. This does needs some valid basis to work from, as in past experience, or watching others be successful. The [correctly performed] visualization then incorporates this success-behavior into your available behavior-set.

Playing violent video games would then work in the opposite way from something like aversion-therapy, where you would train yourself (or be trained) to recoil from a specific behavior. Essentially, having removed the aversion from the behavior through training makes it easier to access IRL.

Unlike real life training, where you see, feel, hear, and taste all the associated sensations, and thereby strengthen the response, you're still pretty disassociated with video games and so the behavior is usually not very strong or compelling.

I also play some of those games, because, well, they're fun. And who knows what the future holds?

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The Left seemed to think videogames can make people into racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, Nazis. But the moment Trump even hints a possible increase in violent behavior and videogames, they drop it and now hes the crazy one.

He just won Gamergate, they cant push how evil "Gamers" are without admitting they agree with him now, so they have to abandon the project altogether. So they are left with, "Journalists" are bad or Trump is right. And they cant admit the latter or they are ostracized.

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Interesting theory, but maybe it won't play out quite that simply.

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Ostracized by who exactly? Gamers? They were the ones who started Gamergate, consumers of both video games and their shitty "journalism" and yet they were shat on by those same journalists and sometimes even some retarded devs as well.

I'm not against the idea of Trump POTENTIALLY using this to our advantage but this is a very dangerous tactic at best. It would not take a lot for a new generation of soccer moms and authoritarians to start blaming everything on video games again. And I don't think most older Republicans like or even care enough about gaming to oppose any censorship attempts so I would rather not risk bringing the discussion to that again.

Seeing the like to dislike ratio one can only hope Trump is wise enough to realize this is not a worthwhile maneuver and move-on.

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This is the first major disagreement I've had with Trump. I don't want government getting involved with censoring movies or video games. The evidence is clear that there is no correlation between real world violence and entertainment violence.

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Its not violence, its pixels on a screen, I'm sorry I've never understood this. If they can't make the difference between real life and pixels on a screen they are the ones that need help.

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Inability to properly differentiate between fiction and reality is literally a sign of mental illness.

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Or being an out of touch boomer

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Done, glad to help

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Wow. How about a study on video game sales in Chicago and Detroit and compare them with similar sized cities in middle America.

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Despite all the mass media making all the violent occurrences well publicized, the violent crime rate in America has been falling since the inception of video games. Besides, it's not like there was violence in TV, movie and books before that. Expressing your violent thoughts through media is a lot better than acting on them. Video games don't cause violence. They're an outlet for our natural animalistic aggression.

The idea of goverment censoring video games goes against the very premise of the 1st amendment.

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Depiction of violence. Violence is one person intentionally harming another physically. A video game, aside from the occasional keyboard smash and controller throw, involves no violence, let along much of anything physical.

If they're really arguing that video games' depiction of violence is equivalent to actual violence, then they must argue that movies depicting murder and rape are actual murder and rape, and should get to banning it all.

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Video game violence doesn't make people violent - it makes them accept the violence of the CIA and the US military industrial complex, who have a hand in their production like they do movies.

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All to desensitize the population. The NWO knows what they are doing. Video games do not directly cause the violence, so they show a study that supports that. But that does not mean violent video games, movies, tv shows, news, etc, can not in-directly influence violence in our society. Over the course of decades and generations the NWO is guiding society to lower and lower standards of living.

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Gangster rap and blacks in America, there is your correlation.

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