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unironically links polygon



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Movies, music & vidya don't inspire behavior.

Except for porn, gangsta rap & video poker.

Can't have it both ways.


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https://archive.fo/S5yfp :

Trump shifts blame to violent video games, movies in gun violence discussion - Polygon

'And maybe they have to put a rating system for that.”The MPAA has taken plenty of flak over the years for its rating system. '

'Matt Bevin had given multiple interviews in which he pointed to violent video games as a factor in such events.“There are video games, that yes, are listed for mature audiences, but kids play them and everybody knows it and there’s nothing to prevent the child from playing them, that celebrate the slaughtering of people,” Gov. '

'The survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting have taken to activism, gaining a national profile as they advocate for gun control legislation. '

'Kirby Dick’s 2006 documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated pointed out discrepancies between the way the organization handles, for instance, sexual content versus violent content. '

' The authors of another study published in the same journal later in 2013 focused on how often violence appears in movies alongside sex, drugs and alcohol, and said that their findings “raise serious concerns about the effectiveness of the MPAA rating system.”'

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OP you just have committed the ultimate sin on voat. to call trump an asshole. no matter what dear leader says,to voaters he is always right! Lol


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Question to the downvoters: are you gamers at all, or are you here to downvote just because Trump was insulted in the title?


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There isn't anyone really defending him as much on this subject and that's because it seems he is actually starting to target our hobby for bullshit we thought had passed already.

The site seems to have become a echo-chamber and it's becoming frustrating to not be able to have a discussion when your side fucks-up.

This shit right here is what will lose Trump the votes from young moderates who voted against censorship coming from the left.

Oh and OP fuck you for direct linking to Polygon, just because the right is starting to act like retards again doesn't make me forgive the retards on the left. Anyone who censors or supports censorship should not be supported.