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No, of course not. Crowdfunding rarely covers the cost of the game and nobody owes you shit.

Pay the backers what was promised, nobody else is entitled to anything.

Why can't similar thing apply to Kickstarter-funded games?

Because why would it? You're a backer, not the publisher. Do you even know what publishers do?

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That being said, the comparison doesn't really hold. Publishers funding game development are specifically buying the copyright and license to redistribute the content. Kickstarter supporters funding games are either effectively preordering the game, or buying whatever other perks may be associated with the various tiers.

So at best you could argue in favor of redistribution rights for those that have shelled out the money to finance the game development, assuming that was an available perk.

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If you wanna be an investor invest. When you pay for something on kickstarter you're not investing. You're donating money in the hope what you're donating to succeed and if it does you're rewarded. You dont fucking own it. The game maker owes you diddly shit and you're not entitled to anything but what they agreed to give you.

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I think part of the reason why crowd funding works is because it plays on the concept of people wanting it to exist. Not about wanting to make a profit off it's growth.

I think that mentality alone is what separates nerd culture from others. There's a certain level of passion I don't see anywhere else. They support it with donations, helping with the open source code, or helping in whatever way they can simply because they want the finished product. But they didn't take the risk, come up with the idea, or put in the work to make it happen... So why should they have partial ownership? Why should those who contributed nothing get it for free?

That's what full open source and non-profit is for. If you want to create something just for it's existence and not it's profit potential, nothing is stopping you and you will probably done many others willing to help make that happen.

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I think crowdfunded/kickstarter should pay out in shares like mini-stocks.

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You mean like... investing?

Yeah that's not what crowdfunding is.

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the good ones do, but they aren't on kickstarter or any of that. project cars 1 & 2 were both like that.

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I think it depends. That would be cool for some situations, but if the game developer has some skills and talent, them profiting from a crowdfunded game might help give them some freedom to create their next game?

So, good idea, but isn't always the best idea.