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Welcome to closed gaming where everything you own is not yours to own or control as you wish.


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https://archive.fo/H2YMG :

Oculus Rifts around the world stopped working this morning - Polygon

'Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets around the world are experiencing an outage this morning, including devices here at Polygon. '

'Once it has appeared, there’s no way to restart the Oculus app, which renders the Rift headset unusable. '

'At least one developer, Adam Boyne, was mid-demo at an event when his Oculus stopped working. '

'Users are not sure what is causing the issue, and so far neither Facebook nor Oculus itself has provided a solution. '

'One place where users experiencing the issue are gathering is on the Oculus forums. '

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This is why relying on external servers to keep a product running is a terrible idea. VR headsets should not need to care about certificates or servers to simply work.


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I wish people would stop buying rubbish like this.

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Technically you can use PSVR headset as a VR steam headset. Far cheaper