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keep going he has at least 16 more masks on!

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Still the one game they want to make as an official Olympic game. Australia has thier first national rep for the game some 17yr old.. Lol. 2020 Japan Olympics will have huge Nintendo influences. As well will feature the first international Esports competition.

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I even like the idea of competitive video games and have played hundreds of hours of dota and starcraft, but they aren't real sports and no chess isn't a sport either, it's a competitive board game. Not every competition is a sport, sports require Athletic performance in my opinion. If you can sit on a chair while doing something, it isn't a sport. Motor sports also are their own thing and not olympic partially because of the massive commercial influences. I don't think olympic sports should have the commercial influence of specific video game companies either.

But it seems like no one cares, the olympic committee is already corrupt as hell, they make billions and the athletes get paid pennies in return, it's beyond fucked. I can't help but cringe at the development of this weird situation. It's a blatant attempt of companies to get free huge exposure for their products.

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I might consider some video games a sport, still not sure personally. They do require a combination of motor skills and quick reactionary thinking while pitting two or more people against each other with a clear objective. I'm with you on chess as it is entirely a mental game and doesn't require any physical ability.

Also, anything that winning is determined exclusively by a judge or panel is not a sport. I'm looking at you figure skating!

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Chess is a brain sport.

Esports is a finger sport.

No, but seriously, these ARE more important than those stupid sweaty sports where niggers win every time. Why?

In chess and esports, less evolved species can't win. Only the more evolved races with more brain power can win.

If you are member of the more evolved races, you should be supporting these "brain" competition.

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As well will feature the first international Esports competition.

Pretty sure those have happened before. First international esports competition associated with the Olympic committee maybe.

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first international Esports competition

Overwatch already has teams from different countries competing. One was from Philly (not great), one was from NY (they basically hired Koreans, they were good), one was from Seoul (They have some gaming prodigy on their team and are really fkn fantastic), and another from China (last I checked they did super bad).

Gran Turismo is offically accepted by the FIA I'm pretty sure. You can do recognized races in that video game on the PS4, so does that count as an international esport?

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There is no real officiate. Match rigging and cheats will always be a problem. Plus it is as much politics as anything else.

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I still don't understand how the annual NBA2K and FIFA games are amongst the top 10 sellers every single year.

It's presumably the same people buying them every year right? Is there seriously somebody out there with 10 different identical NBA games on their shelf? Or 10 basically identical FIFA games?

I could understand buying a new sports game every 4-5 years or so, but every year?

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Early on in a console generation, the first few years will be good leaps between titles as they transition from the last gen, especially once they drop support for older consoles and can focus solely on new tech.

This is where it peaks though because once the sales go through the roof, the development budget goes through the floor as the publisher lays off most of the staff and puts in just enough to update the graphics and roster, maybe even fuck up the gameplay a little to make it appear like they did something. Then we wait until next gen consoles are released for the next leap.

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It's mostly for the updated rosters I believe. These publishers may change up things slightly, but the game play doesn't change.

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Every FIFA since 1997. You only get current team rosters and prettier graphics, but as long as dudebros keep buying the newest edition every year the cycle will continue.

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This is why I never play any sports game. Because to me, they're all the exact same. I only like it if it has a twist, like Rocket League....love that game.

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Yeah I've never gotten sports video games. I love sports too.

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Licensed sports games are shitty, but so are most licensed games. The unlicensed ones are usually more fun, as the devs have to make up for the missing official names and teams through quality.

Only exception I have ever found was NBA Jam, and that was a long, long while ago.

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I had so much fun with NFL BLitz on Playstation 1.

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I think that was the arcade version that if you held all the sticks to the right, and depressed all the buttons, it went into a free game of some weird spacecraft thing. It was 4-player, though, so you needed two people to do it.

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The sad thing is that these sport games are EAs Bread&Butter. Retards keep buying them.

Also is there even a difference between each sport game release?

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who cares? No one has to buy it.

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Exactly. Same thing with the micro transactions. Don't buy the game if you don't want that.

Anyway, if I want to play some Fifa, I'll grab my copy of 2012 or World Cup South Africa 2010.

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Every EA sports game lol

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