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The designers must have played mass effect.

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There is a certain aesthetic to it. Who knows, it could be good.

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Here's to hoping they won't let Bioware write the story.

EDIT: Clickbait title. The movie in no way is involved with Mass Effect, and the visual resemblance of the robot to a Geth is fleeting at best.

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Agreed. I don't recall any black people in the original either.

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Actually this looks pretty awesome. This is another one of those shows that I think would be hella interesting if it was made more dramatic and real. I had to stop it less than half way through the trailer though - I have been burned in the past by trailers that show ALL THE GOOD PARTS of the movie, so when you watch it you're like 'Meh, i could have stuck with the trailer and been satisfied'. Definitely putting on the list - thanks, OP. Good goating.

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let me know when halmark they stop remaking romeo and Juliette but with a happy ending over and over for Christmas specials and I will worry about a lost in space copy.