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Star Wars is dead. Remember the good it brought into your life when you were younger, and move on. Who cares who owns the license. That and there are much better scifi stories out there.

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Stellaris has a better story than Soy-Wars

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Stellaris is amazing. Whoever the idiots are on Steam, criticizing the new patch, must be smoking one hell of a drug. The team constantly improves the game. It's better than it ever was before. Do people really want to go back to making the largest single fleet possible until it over runs anything smaller than it?

The one genuine complaint I've found is the casus belli thing, which doesn't make sense for certain races & dispositions. The nature of war ought to change, based on your government, race, and technology. If you're a conquering hive mind that aims to wipe out all other sentient life, then it doens't make sense to care about what the people on enemy planets think of you.

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And they keep updating it. I only played the first version but I thought it was well done. Just needed a little polishing, tweaking. Thanks for reminding me of it. I have to try it again.

[–] gamersbyte-voat 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Seriously, if you are someone that gets excited or defense over Star Wars, you haven't yet realized that its been artistically bankrupt since the prequels. Its just a dead horse they're beating for money since its a pop culture icon riding on fumes from its previous success. Its basically already been a zombie before EA got their hands on it.

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better scifi stories? like?

(like as in i'd like to know so i can look into seeing them)

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If you're talking about books, there is a plethora of great scifi. If your talking about TV/movies then it is a bit more limited but there is some great stuff out there. I don't have the time to make an even halfway decent list but just search for best scifi....

Looking for a longer plot/story line for TV, I would suggest just off the top of my head Babylon 5, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Fringe, Expanse(newer but good so far), Firefly(although it didn't last long so wouldn't include it on this list really), X-Files, and I'm already blanking on what else. Space Above and Beyond(don't even remember if that was good or not)? Hopefully you like to read.

[–] tholinz 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

All sci-fi stories lose steam the longer they go on; getting a good trilogy is something of an outlier.

The Original Trilogy will always exist. Disney trying to re-animate the corpse left by the prequels is just disturbing to watch, though.

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You got me thinking of good scifi that lasted for a long time and I can only think of Star Trek, at least until the latest movies and that disaster of an std, STD. There were some great shows that went on for a long time, Babylon 5 pops into mind, but not much that has lasted decades other than Star Trek. Even the original three Star Wars movies were all within a short time frame. Am I just forgetting something?

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I love how he calls the EA Battlefront games basically gambling simulators. Pretty much the same goes for much of what gets released today.

Going to take this opportunity to remind folks again about the magic of retro gaming! Don't give these assholes your dollar; there are more actually good retro games out there that you haven't played, than you could play in your life.

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A raspberry pi with RetroPi or any emulator can give you plenty of games without any of the bullshit. They've made gaming unappealing as possible these days. DRM, gambling, mandatory online connections, Windows 10, account hassles, seriously, fuck that. I gave up and learned linux and I'm getting into computer coding. I guess I should thank publishers.

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Its sick to watch folks you know get their wallets sucked dry by these "skinner boxes" the game companies create nowadays.

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I built my 5 year old nephew a Raspberry Pi-based emulation station (RetroPie). We've been having a blast with SNES and N64.

[–] auto_turret 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Noice! I've been thinking of having one to travel around with. Been using a 15 year old PC running emulators hooked up to a big CRT for old console games. Although for computer games, I tend to have the actual machine and keep them going.. most of the important machines from the 80's and early 90's anyway.

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raspberries have enough juice to handle N64 games? looks like i got a new project.

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Disney should lose the license first and foremost.

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They should lose the copyright to Mickey Mouse too.

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mickeys copyright is stronger than the holohoax though, lets break the easy one first

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Star Wars is dead. Especially with the Expanded universe being murdered.

As for games, give Vavra War Horse studio, Platinum, or CDPR the Star Wars license.

Hell EA/Ubishit/blizzard are so bad that even showelware companies like Travelers-Tales or IdeaFactory couldn't fuck up the Star Wars license any worse.

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Star wars is pretty much the dead horse at this point. People who keep obsessing over it and buying the releases no one specifically asked for are literally insane. Combine this with battlefield which has just been broken release after broken release it's really sad to see grown ups loosing their shit over this. It's over. Move on to something else for fuck sakes.

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This is a great channel. He points out bullshit when he sees it and his voice isn't nearly as annoying as most other channels.

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IMHO there shouldn't be licenses in the first place, it's a monopoly on intellectual property and basically encourages EA to keep being EA because hey any idiot will buy something with star wars on it! AAA gaming is a soulless treadmill where companies shit out cookie cutter games (IT'S OPEN WORLD, LOOTBOXES, LGBQFAG APPROVED CHARACTERS) and the only thing that's really improving are the graphics, and not really substantially anyway. Game development has gotten out of hand, it feels like it's all being directed by corporate shills and not people who want to make a cool video game.

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I miss small, weird titles like Star Wars Demolition or Starfighter. The Jedi Knight games were fucking ace, too.

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I hate star wars now but even I might consider buying another Jedi knight game, if it isn't made by EA at least.

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