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This is going to be a meeting full of SJWs, cucks, and the President.

Hopefully this is just lip service and it isn't going to turn into something retarded like compulsory censorship in video games under the excuse of "preventing violence"

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Like the PMRC? I think even they get ignored largely these days sorta like the Comics Code Authority.

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Hopefully not, but considering Trump's recent comments regarding video games I'm doubtful the medium isn't going to suffer another moral panic attack.

Good news is retarded far lefties hate Trump thus agreeing with him isn't something they would want to do. So best scenario this will go nowhere and games journalists "MIGHT" start having to actually defend video games again.

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Actually that's a really good point.

Could it be that Trump is against video game censorship so he purposely act like he's open for it in order to rally leftists and the media so they would fight against censorship? Because most of themhave a hollow brain which is basically whatever Trump stands on, we stand for the opposite.

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Is he going to tell them to stop being Sjw fags?

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Been playing since apple 2 - 3mile Island, pong, Coleco vision donkey Kong. If they are going to "do something"

Stop loot boxes /scratchers in kids games.

Come up with a game play mechamic besides all the people around me are loot pinitas awaiting to smashed.