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I've never played a similar game on a console. Is it playable without a mouse?? Diablo has always been a clickfest, I'm not convinced it translates really well.

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I've played it on console and it's actually really good, control-wise. You have direct control over your character and abilities, and there's a dodge-roll mechanic that can be used by tipping the right joystick in a direction. You can also hold left trigger to lock on to an enemy.

I'm usually not a fan of games that were created with keyboard and mouse in mind and then ported to console, but a decent amount of thought went into this one.

The local and online co-op on the Xbox/PS4 version is also well implemented, with local players sharing the screen and online players getting their own. Any combination of local and online players can play together. I'm really hoping this feature carries over to the potential Switch version, although I'm not sure how that would work with Nintendo's account system. I still can't believe the Switch doesn't have party chat.

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This actually sounds interesting. What about target switching and loot pick up?

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Yeah it's playable. I have Diablo 3 on Xbone and quite enjoy it.

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Kiketivision Jewzzard can go fuck itself, on any console they want.

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https://archive.fo/h6MBR :

Sources: Yes, Diablo 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch • Eurogamer.net

'Last week, Blizzard set tongues wagging with an apparent tease for a Diablo game on Nintendo Switch. '

'When contacted for this report, a Blizzard spokesperson told me the company had no new statement to add. '

'Well, while Blizzard makes its mind up, Eurogamer sources have told us that yes - the project is very much in production. '

'The image - of a Diablo night light being repeatedly switched on and off - felt fairly deliberate. ', "Eurogamer sources with knowledge of the project told me they were surprised to see it, as the game's reveal remains several months off."

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Finally, a game to really fuck up those 90 bucks joycons. It was the only thing the Switch was missing...