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Yes, good milkdrinker - weaken the Empire with a civil war so the Thalmor can pick clean its carcass.

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Fuck the Empire. It's a puppet government owned by the Thalmor anyway. You'll need a new power of sovereign but allied countries to take them on.

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It's a puppet goverment owned by the Thalmor anyway.

Calling the Empire a puppet when Ulfric's report in the Thalmor Embassy proverbially lists his am an "asset" that was allowed to flee from captivity is rather ironic.

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Empire = Thalmor ZOG

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Kike elves didn't expect the dragonborn and the remaining dragons. Besides, the niggers with the curved swords defeated them in their lands.

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Skyrim may belong to the nords but everything in it belongs to Khajiit.

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Fuck off cat nigger

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redguards are niggers too dumb for magic

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Found the milk drinker

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I’d love to see one of Hans Capon sitting at the table that says “There are no blacks in medieval Bohemia. Change my mind.”

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One time a circus went through and a slave got tomatoes thrown at him. Because of this the price of Moravia should be black in a video game.

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Talos did nothing wrong, Soul Trap the elves RACE WAR NOW!

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Only cucks side with the imperials.

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I had this conversation with my friend who played Skyrim at the same time I did (I gifted his copy).. In my play through I made a Nord and joined the Stormcloaks, on his play through he made a Khajiit and joined the Empire.

During our separate play throughs we discussed with each other what we had learned and shared insight. During one conversation we had regarding our respective choices in siding with the Stormcloaks or Empire he made a very compelling argument. In it he deduced that the only way the Empire could defeat the Aldmeri Dominion would be a consolidated Skyrim under imperial rule, essentially the Thalmor would conquer one province after another unless they were all unified under the Empire.

I couldn't refute that argument but I stood by my initial statement that Skyrim belongs to the Nords, of course this was before Dawnguard and I had no idea about the Aldmeris desire to exterminate the Nords and their corruption and subsequent transformation into Falmer.

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