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I hope he appeals and files suit against the court for infringing on his 1st.

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Sounds like he got a faggot pubdef who told him to plead guilty, and got put on probation. One of the conditions being this. It's gay but since it's """voluntary""", as in, agree to this or go to jail; they're allowed. Parole for example generally comes with an order not to associate with known criminals- obviously against the constitution, but """consent""" overrides that. We're so free, that we're free to sign away our freedom!

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This is the problem with libertarianism. So free you can enslave yourself to the state, if you want.

Some things should be unenforceable. For instance, if the state chooses to let him go because he gave his word to not play, fine. But if he goes back on it, that's the state's fault for trusting him and they can't retaliate.

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files suit against the court


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Did you know that it is possible to file lawsuits against courts for justified reasons?

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I concur, file a complaint in the county against these subservient domestic terrorist.

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What kind of retarded, unenforceable verdict is that. . . ?

Somehow I'm not sure "no videogames" is a sentence approved under what is likely "making a terroristic threat."

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It's likely not a 'sentence.' I'm going to bet that most reporters don't care to clarify between a sentence, which is the punishment handed down according to laws, and conditions of bond/parole/probation, which are much less controlled.

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That would make sense. Though I can't say it's any less asinine.

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More likely, when issuing the ruling the judge said something like "you are not to play any more violent video games young man!", which is akin to him saying "Son, you did nothing wrong and I cannot enforce any actual punishment against you so I am going to grandstand and admonish you because I have no power to do anything in the face of police and prosecutors who would rather arrest a white kid from the suburbs than go police south Chicago and stop the 15 murders there every week."

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What, exactly, qualifies as a "non-violent" video game? Like Minecraft on Peaceful?

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Can still craft weapons and kill animals.

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In Tetris you blow up blocks. Still violent

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The judge said he could play Mario Kart.

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So throwing bombs at karts isn't violent?

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Dear Esther and the likes.

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Is that worse than Gone Home?

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Time for hillary clinton to start a moral-outrage pr campaign

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Hah! So two years ago...

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Judge your disbarred son of a bitch everyone is out to bully gamer's for law enforcement's failure instead of placing the blame where it belongs on the FBI and law enforcement. I had no idea feminists were sucking this judge off.

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It's not even blame..it's guilt, because the fbi is committing crimes.

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Judges are fucking stupid. If you don't know anything about technology, you have no place serving in the government nowadays

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1st amendment violation, fuck that cunt judge.

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Exempt from cruel and unusual punishment/ freedom of speech

Though I imagine this is a clever parent using video games as an excuse- getting out of getting fined.

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