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I've been spending a lot of my free time learning Latin but when I do stop to play video games it's been mostly the Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition beta with my friends. The Steam API made it easier to play online and we're cruising Hordes of the Underdark to prepare for whatever new modules BeamDog decides to release.

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Super creepy late reply, but how's the Latin going? I've been interested in diving into it, any resources you'd recommend?

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It's going okay. Initially, I started with a book called Wheelock's Latin but it really requires a lecturer. Instead, I've been using an app called Mango Language Learning to learn to read The Gallic Wars and a book called Getting Started With Latin to round out my vocabulary a bit. I am planning on getting the entry level reader Civis Romanus as well. The main thing is discipline. Devote an hour a day to it. Once you get over the conceptual humps you can make surprising progress. If you learned any Romance language in school there probably won't be anything you haven't seen before.

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Been playing a little bit of kingdom come: deliverance. Not as terribly buggy so far as people make it out to be. Worst I've seen is this. I start an archery contest. The 2 other contestants don't fire arrows so the contest never ends. If you walk away, you automatically lose the contest. Saves are not cheap thus far in the early game, they are consumables. You get an autosave on quest start and quest completes, but archery contest is a minigame so you're kind of fucked out of your wager

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Mostly with my penis, but also Star Wars Galaxies Legends. It’s free and they got a server going. If you played the old game and missed it like me, it’s a good time sink.

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Half-life 2

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I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links for nostalgia reasons . I tried to play Shadowverse but the game just didn't click with me for some reason.

Unfortunately with World of Warships Blitz, I might uninstall it because the devs still haven't fixed the "stuck on loading screen" issue yet.

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Duel Link is the one with 3 fields? I loved playing the Konami's Yugi, Joey and Kaiba when it was out, the 3 field one I didn't try cause I don't like "free" online versions of stuff I like and it only has 3 fields q.q

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The three fields felt restrictive at first, but then I found out that they modeled this layout after Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS' Speed Duel system. After a few weeks, I got used to the layout and now I like it because the duels are faster to complete. The character special abilities (also modeled after VRAINS) were also nice.

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Finally got Puyo Puyo Tetris as it just came out on Steam, is really fun in local multiplayer...makes me wish I was younger and had more friends to play with.

Civ VI Rise and Fall is good, but VI still feels a bit incomplete though I haven't gone back to V at all since Rise and Fall.

Still play Overwatch (Mystery Heroes only!!).

Some PSVR stuff.

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The Witcher 3, I finished blood and wine (finally), and started a NG+ save wearing enchanted Tesham Mutna vampire set with the Aerondight silver sword. I started recording to share with a few IRL friends who unfortunately are hard addicated to league and haven't ever seen the franchise.


Do you think I messed up the first ghoul fight??? I think I should re-do it since I get hit in the back one time and it makes Geralt look like a mug even though the ghouls can barely scratch the full plate...

I want to show off the game in a non immersion breaking way, which means not pausing right away to ponder which bomb to nuke those poor ghouls with...

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